Friday, December 29, 2006

Special Box for My DPNs

It is amazing what some people can do with a piece of wood, a saw and some imagination -- my brother-in-law Bob is one of those people. Oh, how talented he is. On previous Christmases I have received wooden items -- a spice box, a jewelry box and a shelf all designed and created with his own hands. They are all very special.

This year was no exception. He knows I am a sock knitter (as is my sister, Sally) and that I wanted something small, sturdy but lightweight to hold my wooden sock needles so they don't break....I'm not as good with wood as he is. He designed a special sock needle box for my double pointed needles!! It fits nicely into my sock knitting bag, is lightweight but sturdy and holds many, many sets of wooden DPNs. Thank you so much Bob for all of your hard work!!! I love my one-of-a-kind DPN box and will treasure it always.

Look at these photos to see how special this handcrafted box is...from the small hinge to hold the lid on tightly, to the smooth sliding lid, to the thin dividers inside...individual slots for each size needle! A true work of art that was especially designed and created for me! What a treat.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Surprise in the Mail

My friend Libby Beiler who owns Mad About Ewes yarn shop in Lewisburg, PA sent me a present today! A thank you gift for helping her select some new sock yarns to sell in her shop. A few weeks ago I took a selection of my favorites to her shop for her to see, feel and compare. I felt like a "personal shopper" for a yarn shop. Libby has added Claudia Handpaints, Autumn House Farms, and several others to her selection. Very nice choices in colors, too. She was so appreciative she surprised me and sent me a sent of row markers she made. Lovely beads in nice mauves, beiges and there is even a cat's eye. This set fits needles sizes 0 to 5. She is also making them to fit larger needles. Definitely on my shopping list for this weekend's trip to Lewisburg. See them in my photo (very bad photo that does not at all do them justice) but really wanted to say "thanks" to Libby.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Santa Dog!

No knitting for this post...just wanted to share Teddy Bear's photos with the world. I took these this morning in the vet office. He hates the hat! Was so embarrassed that as we walked through the doorway he hung his head very low so no one could see his face ... way to funny.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Ssshhhh...It's a Secret

Today I began a new knitting project...but it is a secret at least for a while. However, it does involve this gorgeous Trekking XXL yarn color 78 that I purchased at Knitters Underground in Centre Hall. Don't you just love the rich colors and hues of purple? I do. Stay tuned for updates.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Weekend Yarn Shopping

My husband and I traveled to NJ to spend the Thanksgiving weekend with family member we had not seen in almost a year. It was a wonderful trip, great weather most of the time and really good food. We truly enjoyed ourselves.

Of course on my "to do" list was yarn shopping. Keith and I went to a shop in downtown Millburn. I had high expectations...their new website made their shop really temping. I was there two years ago and although she had no sock yarn then the site claims a "lot" of sock yarn. Well, I do not consider 10 skeins of sock yarn (2 of each color) "a lot" of sock yarn. A huge disappointment. Her shop moved last year and is long and narrow, making it even more cramped than in the past. I also did not like her other yarn choices. I said a nice thank you and off we went to lunch.

On Saturday my SIL and I hit the road for Princeton. We love shopping in all of the small stores, the hustle and bustle atmosphere and the gorgeous weather made the day even nicer. The town...which is always lovely...was beautifully decorated, there were groups of carolers singing in various parts of the community and of course, Santa Claus was greeting visitors in front of the Ralph Lauren shop.

One of our first stops was a yarn shop I visited two years ago. Again, high expectations. Their yarn is lovely, they have Koigu sock yarn (very disappointed there was no other brand), and a lot of patterns. They also have built in shelves that go from floor to ceiling...a very high ceiling. Oh, there is a sliding ladder that customers can climb to get to yarn. Ya, right...I'm going to climb a ladder to look at yarn. NOT! It is my opinion they need to rethink their display method. I found a yarn I really liked for a scarf (as if I need another one!) but alas only one ball in the colorway I wanted. Another nice thank you and off we went to do more shopping other places.

I bought no yarn this weekend. In fact, the only thing I bought was a toy for the Goldens. new photos in this posting. At Christmas there is one more shop to visit and am hoping for a more successful trip.

Hope all of you who celebrate Thanksgiving had a wonderful day/weekend.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Weekend Knitting

This weekend was made for knitting...rainy and cool. I even took a pair of socks along to the Penn State game. I knew I would be sitting inside in the club house and didn't want to be bored. It was pouring outside and Penn State was stomping on I was happy with my hot chocolate and knitting sitting comfy and dry inside watching the game on TV.

I finished the Noro scarf. Lovely colors from 2 skeins of Noro Silk Garden that were a gift from a yarn swap last year. The scarf is simple...20 stitches on a 101/2 needle and a three row pattern: Row 1: K1P1; Rows 2 and 3: Knit. That's it.

Am making headway on the Trekking Socks on size 2 needles but was itching to make myself another pair of heavier socks and really wanted to knit the Opal "ragg wool" colored yarn on size 3 needles. So, I have both started. I think tonight will be devoted to the Opal socks.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Finished Socks -- Finally.........

I got up an extra hour early this morning to finish this pair of Fortissima socks...and I did! has taken up a lot of knitting time so I feel good to get these done. Too warm toda to wear them but the weatherman says colder air is heading to Central PA this weekend. They will get broken in as I do door-to-door lit drops for my candidate, Bob Casey who is running for the U.S. Senate.

Am going to cast on this Trekking XXL for a pair of socks for my campaign intern, Elena. She knits a little but as a very, very busy college student she doesn't have time to pursue it now. She loved the socks I was knitting earlier this summer so I am going to make her a pair. Her 21st birthday is the end of November. Oh, that nice fluffy scarf in a recent post is also for Elena. She has a long walk from her dorm to classes and all of her meetings at Penn State so hopefully it will help keep her warm.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

A Special Gift

Thank you to a very good friend! I was going to get one of these bags for myself in this color. A friend for whom I did a favor wanted a special way to say thanks...she didn't need to do it but did. A Lexie Barnes bag is over the top and I am touched. I will treasure it always. Pictured is the Flo Bag which as you can see if perfect for holding sock projects. She knows I am addicted to sock knitting....

I have another Lexie Barnes bag and she knows how much I love it. This is awesome!!! The exterior is a wipeoff vinyl and is a gorgeous Teal color with circles of ecru, purple, and raspberry. The handles are the right length for over the shoulder and are specially made not to fall off my shoulder.

Check out that lining! A gorgeous sturdy pink fabric complete with pockets to hold knitting accessories. The top has two magnets as closures and this bag stands open to use while knitting. No more sock projects in my lap...fabulous!!!!

Today is Halloween. I have the treats ready for the youngsters. It was a beautiful sunny day in Central PA and the temps are in the low 70s. The sun is hiding and the wind is blowing a bit. I hope is does not rain on the childrens' fun. Or mine either...I love Halloween....seeing the youngsters dressed in their adorable and clever costumes.

Takes me back to my childhood when my older sisters and brother would take me Trick-or-Treating. In those days it lasted for at least 3 nights. What a bunch of goodies I got. But it was fun a different costume each night of course!...and being with them. Those memories make me smile!

Sunday, October 29, 2006

What a Weekend!

Am trying to knit to keep my mind off Teddy Bear, my youngest Golden Retriever. Unplanned vet visit yesterday. He was limping badly and could not get up onto the soda. I pray he will be OK but both hips are bad and he already has arthritis -- at age 3 years old. So, we are trying oral meds (wrapped in roast beef to get them down) and if we need to there are injections. So, I am forbidding doggie wrestling matches, too much play, etc. until he feels better. At least he isn't limping today. He seems to know his limitations and even when his 10 1/2 year old Golden brother wanted to wrestle he didn't.

I am committed to taking 10 pounds off him...that will help the stress on the hips, too. Once his 2 weeks of medication is completed, I am going to walk him each day. Won't hurt me, either! My internet research says that walking but not over doing it is good for dogs with arthritis but it must be done daily or can cause more harm than good. So, we are committed to this unless we have a blizzard!

Back to my Fortissima socks. Hopefully a photo of that pair completed will be my next blog entry. They have taken forever because of so much campaign work. Gratefully, this U.S. Senate campaign will end on Nov. 7...hopefully with a victory for Bob Casey. It is looking good right now but we continue to work and keep our eyes on the prize!

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Simple Garter Stitch Scarf

The only time I seem to have for knitting is while riding in the car to political/work events. I just finished this soft and warm scarf for my campaign intern. It knit quickly on size 11 needles with 15 stitches on the needle. The yarn is Luxury Mohair by King Cole and is 78% mohair, 13% wool and 9% nylon. I bought it at Knitters Dream yarn shop near Harrisburg. One ball is 110 yards and was $6.99 which I thought was quite reasonable. As you can see it knits in a nice variety of shades of pink with flecks of other colors. Will look nice with Elena's black coat. The perfect length too.

I also returned to my once favorite craft -- Counted Cross Stitch. I am stitching a Christmas stocking for a great-niece who will be born in January. This is a huge stocking so starting a year in advance for when Emma will need it is a good idea. And, it is on larger count fabric which will ease me back into stitching. I have so many projects I have been wanting to do so I am going to have to shift through them and perhaps give away some I know will never get finished or that I am no longer interested in stitching. I will post photos when I have a bit more to look at.

Friday, October 20, 2006

What's In the Mail?

I don't have much time to knit right now but I always time to shop! Internet shopping is a wonderful invention. My new favorite site is Sheri has all sort of fabulous sock yarns for sale and needles and accessories. She operates the shop from Missouri. Now I am in PA. Her customer service is FABULOUS!!! I placed an order one evening earlier this week. And to my pleasant surprise the package arrived today. Each i tem is nicely wrapped in white tissue paper and closed with a cute little seal.

Inside my box were two great items...a skein of "Loopy" yarn from Yarn Pirate. Also, several little books The Loopy Ewe...Knit Notes for Socks. Inside this small spiral bound books are pages (nicely separted with red paper) for needle inventories, favorite sock yarns and their stats, favorite sock recipients and their stats, favorite sock patters (name, where to find them, notes), favorite yarn stores, favorite blogs and podcasts, yarn weight reference sheet and a couple of blank pages for whatever else you need to jot down. This book is the perfect size for inside my knitting bag.

Last week I ventured back onto and order the "sock bug" which is a lovely assortment of purple, teal, and raspberry fabrics. It has a nice long black strap that I could carry over my shoulder. The bug will also fit nicely into a knitting bag. My knitting group friend Lori showed me the one she ordered. Lots of ooohhhs and aaahhhhs over that item! I kept my self control for a few days but then gave in and ordered. It is adorable. Thanks Lori for sharing the site.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Knitting for Charity

My knitting time is limited because of the hours and hours of work on the U. S. Senate campaign. However, I have caught time to knit a few rows here and there on some hats for the charity knitting project undertaken by our local knitting group. This is knitted from a nice washable (but warm -- used 2 strands) of varigated DK weight acrylic yard. My model would prefer to EAT the hat than wear it, but he did cooperate (with some help from his Daddy) for this photo. Brandeis is 10 1/2 years old and is still very active playing daily with his two Golden Retriever brothers, running to the fence to see the neighbors, and running in "his path" along the fence to "chase" the garbage trucks on Mondays and Thursdays. I have several other hats for adults and children finished...did them a few months ago...and will post photos in a few weeks.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Knitting Group in the Local Newspaper!

Our Penns Valley Knitting Group was featured in a cover story of the Living Section of today's Centre Daily Times newspaper. Here is the link:

Unfortunately, the photos do not appear on the website...but trust me...they were as wonderful as the story!

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Why Lifelines?

I know about lifelines and the importance of them when lace knitting. I was planning on using them after I finished 3 more rows on my wrap I was knitting from Trekking XXL. Well, too little too late. That shawl is now a rolled up ball of yarn again. I dropped a stitch somewhere...only a few rows back...but couldn't figure out where. So, I frogged the entire 6 inches of shawl. Could be worse.

Here is a photo of the shawl from a few weeks ago. I will finish this before I begin the alpaca shawl I have decided. I have too many UFOs and need to get some of these projects finished.

I finish socks but not some other things. I need to focus on finishing and not just starting.

I am stuck in Harrisburg helping with the final days (we hope!) of the challenges to the signatures on the Green Party petition. We have to win this challenge.

However, tomorrow night I will start the shawl again. This time I will use lifelines every 10 rows I have decided. Am buying a needle and getting thread tomorrow. If I drop a stitch again it won't be so painful to rip out 10 rows.

Friday, September 15, 2006

It's Alpaca Time!

The cooler winds have started to drift through Pennsylvania. Nights are "sweater weather" as my mother used to say. I am knitting away on socks of all types and patterns. And, yes, I am still working on the lace stole that I am knitting from Trekking XXL. Will show progress of it in a few days. I promise.

But, the Alpaca Peruvian Tweed at Knitter's Underground has been calling my name for almost a year. What to knit? Well, Billie to the rescue...again! See...the Faroese Flower Shawl designed by Lucy Neatby It will be gorgeous in the the twist of black, chocolate and khaki. Now, off to knit!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Rockin' On Two Socks

Socks That Rock were finished last night. Plan to wear them tomorrow night to the knitting group meeting. A freelance reporter from the local newspaper called me over the weekend and is planning to attend the meeting to do a story on our group! What fun this will be!!

There are such nice people in the group and all are talented knitters ... even the newer knitters...they are learning quickly and are will to knit unusual projects.

We are going to discuss knitting for charity. I am trying to find a local group for hats, scarves, etc. for the winter. Hopefully the local food bank accepts such donations. Must contact the manager tomorrow.

Off to do laundry and get started on another pair of socks. Can't let those needles cool down.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Socks Are Rockin'

Well, yes I did give in and try the Socks that Rock in Farmhouse colorway! And they are gorgeous...just see for yourself. I decided to knit the medium-weight yarn on size 3 needles. Those needles were so wanting a nice yarn to be knit on them...they have spent many months in the storage case. I just could not resist!

I love the feel of Socks that Rock. The mail order service from the company was quick...less than 1 week from time of order (company in Oregon) to arrival in mail (to PA). Very pleased!

I have begun the gusset decrease and probably will finish this sock by the end of Sunday.

My good friend, Billie, let me try on a sock she recently finished from a lovely Trekking XXL colorway purcased from Knitters' Underground in Centre Hall. I have been using 64 stitches on size 2 needles and even with the shaped sock pattern ... which I LOVE ... I still get baggy socks at the ankles. Billie and Molly have been telling me I need to use 56 stitches...I guess Billie had to prove it to me. So, future socks from fingering weight yarns will be knitted on 56 stitches.

Thanks Billie and Molly!

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Second Sock Finished; New Pair Begun

After a humid morning, this afternoon's weather was perfect for sitting outdoors and knitting. I did just that! No campaign work today. I needed a break! The light breeze and sunny skies were wonderful and the Goldens and I enjoyed the day outdoors.

I finished my second shaped sock form the Regia wool/silk combo. Really nice. I love the patterning. Would never have bought this particular colorway by just seeing the skein of yarn, but at Maryland Sheep & Wool in May I saw a sample sock and immediately knew I wanted to make a pair for myself. Yo u can see the finished product here.

Today's knitting progress inspired me to immediately cast on another pair of socks...this time from the Lorna's Laces I bought in Williamsburg, VA in June. The color is called "Tuscany" and the combination is gorgeous, although the photo is not a true representation of the richness of the colors -- a raspberry, olive green, medium blue combination. I can't wait to see how it patterns. Keep watching for updated photos.

Of course it is time to think of the next pair...sock out came the recently purchased Socks That Rock yarn which can be knit on a size 3 needles...hey...that means I could start them too...but won't...because my embossed leaves socks from Koigu are calling me to finish them. The skein of Socks that rock yarn is a nice superwash merino in burgundy, gold, teal and navy blue. This colorway is called "Farmhouse."

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Happy Birthday Stratton!

Mr. Perfect. The Love of My Life. Goofy Big Golden. My Angel. Petunia. Pumkin.

Those are all names for one guy in my life...Stratton who will be 8 tomorrow, Aug. 2. Happy, Happy Birthday my special boy! You have been such a joy since I brought you home at age 8 weeks. May we have many, many more years together. I'd take a dozen just like you! I love you Strattie my baby boy.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

BEST fitting sock

Finally had time to finish my sock from Regia wool/silk. I am really pleased with the yarn..a joy to knit with and the colors are beautiful.

But, the BEST part is the pattern I used. I wrote about it a while back and bought a copy based on the suggestion of my good friend, Roberta. The pattern is called Shapely Secrets Socks and was designed by Dawk Adcock. It can be found on her site at and I highly recommend this pattern.

Until this sock all of mine bagged a bit at the ankle. Frankly, I probably need to go down a needle size (I use #2) and she recommends #0. I think I will compromise and use #1. There is extended ankle shaping and nice shaping at the top. I think one size smaller needle will completely solve my ankle bagging woes. Today I ordered a pair of Crystal Palace dpns in size 1 and another set in size 2 (I do knit with thinker yarn sometimes for heavier wool socks). I love the 6-inch needles and have completely fallen for the Crystal Palace needles.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Shawl from sock yarn

I have begun and frogged several shawls. I just wasn't happy with them after a few inches of knitting, primairly because I selected the wrong yarn.

This time it's different!

I chose Trekking sock yarn in color 108 which is a lovely combination of shades of blue/turquoise/rust/dark yellow/ brown/lavender. Might sound like an odd color combination but I think it is truly lovely. I Bought the yarn from Molly at Knitters Underground in Centre Hall, PA...she recently began carrying a large selection of colors and all are gorgeous. I bought 5 skeins without a shawl pattern in mind and no plans to begin knitting one in 90-plus degree heat. Well, the fingers got itchy to begin and I wanted to try Trekking. I love the feel and it knits beautifully!

During the drive home from the yarn shop I tried to make a decision on what shawl to knit...had to make up my mind quickly because I only live 4 blocks from Molly's shop. Went to the bookshelf and pulled out the always reliable Folk Shawls book. I started leafing through the pages drooling at the lovely shawl...triangular and oblong. Then I saw it! The Kimono Shawl...that was it. The pattern has a garter stitch border around the outside and the lace repeat is an easy one...a 24-row repeat done 25 times or for as long as you want your shawl to be when finished. The pattern in the book shows it knitted in a lovely off-white yarn but I decided to use my self-striping sock yarn. I think I am going to like the patterned yarn. I am committed to it.

I don't have a lot of spare time for knitting these days but wanted to have the first repeat finishing before I took it to the yarn shop for inspection by Molly and Billie. Today was its unveiling and they really liked it. Whew! Molly will block it for me when I am finished ... hopefully for fall wearing.

Back to work and then to school board meetings tonight. Might not be able to knit until tomorrow. Keep watching for its progress.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

The Mailman Arrived!

My visit to the Post Office this morning yielded just the packages I have been waiting for...

Which to open first...well start with the smaller one...

Two handmade fabric bags to hold sock projects. These wonderfully designed bags are made by "trek" at trek casts on... They are lined and have a nice drawstring top. She makes her items for swapping and I sent her a set of dpns that she wanted as the swap item. I also sent the Golden Retriever adult and Golden Retriever puppy fabrics, lining and thread for my bags which is why only needles were needed to swap.

Check out her blog for other fabrics, some really nice free sock patterns and other items. She also will make longer spindle bags, too. I am very pleased with the design, wonderful workmanship and prompt mailing.

Now to the second package...if you have bags for sock projects one must have yarn, too. Right? Of course I am right!!

My friend Roberta directed me to the etsy site on the Internet...a VERY dangerous on-line shopping site for all sorts of hand-dyed yarns. While pursuing I found some gorgeous yarn in shades of blue, lavender, roses and yelllows made by Gypsyknits. Her blog is and is a really fun place to visit, too.

The online sales site is Check out her yarns and the others too. Kathy's yarns are a soft merino wool and the colors are fabulous. Well worth the investment.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Baby Blanket

Started the first knitting project for Steof's and Joe's baby. Decided to knit a corner to corner pastel blanket from stash yarn. A nice easy project for a Saturday. The yarnovers add a decorative touch to the edges. I got yellow yarn for a sweater, hat and socks to turn this into an ensemble. Perhaps she will use it to bring the baby home from the hospital in January.

Friday, June 30, 2006

New Ott Lamp

Was in JoAnn's Fabric Store earlier this week and saw just what I needed...a new floor Ott light. The sale was fabulous and this model included a nice magnifier. I have not attached the magnifier for knitting but plan do to some counted cross stitch this weekend and will try it out. I haven't cross stitched in about 18 months since I got back into knitting with a vengence. I have some pieces started that I want to finish and others I really want to stitch. Once I finish my contract with the Bob Casey for U.S. Senate campaign I will have more time to do both.

Counted cross stitch is a slow process, in my opinion, but I do love the results. I want to get some pieces stitched. My husband and I are beginning to think about a "winter home" in a few years and would like to have some pieces done to hang on the walls.

I have the front, back and 1 sleeve completed on O'Connor's sweater. The second sleeve is half finished. Will post a photo when it is done and blocked. Roberta has promised to show me a nifty method of sewing seams together. I bought the correct size crochet hook so will be ready to do the seaming next week when we get together.

Also stopped at Knitter's Underground on Wednesday for pizza with Molly and Billie. So nice of Molly to invite me to join them! I do miss the companionship and conversation. We had a lot to catch up on. Molly has some beautiful new yarns in stock for worsted sweaters perfect for children. Also has some new cotton sock yarns that are lovely. The Sockotta knits so nicely.

I bought some DK weight Encore in a gorgeous teal for a baby blanket for my niece's pending addition. Also got some baby yarn in yellow for a sweater, hat and booties to go with the varigated worsted weight stash yarn I will also use for a blanket. Will be a nice coming home outfit. Will take some photos this weekend to show the colors.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Knitting for a baby (or babies)

Am searching through my stash for baby yarns. I found some nice pastel soft yarn that will make nice stripes on a blanket. Have some others and am planning a sweater or two and some baby socks.

No, not for my use! My niece Stoef told me today she is expecting her first child (possibly twins!) in January. So, Auntie Kim better knit a bit faster I think.

I have some yarns tucked away that were given to me over the past few years. This is where a stash does come in handy.

I have one baby blanket made from some brightly colors worsted yarn. Would work for laying on the floor and putting a baby or babies on it.

During a recent visit to Rosie's Yarn Cellar in Philadelphia I bought some yarn and whined because I don't live close enough to take the bootie class. The people in that shop are so customer-service savvy...they gave me that pattern and one for a baby sweater. I just remembered the was made from Koigu sock yarn. I won't use Koigu...too expensive and too warm for Savannah, GA but I will find a nice substitute and make that sweater or sweaters.

Good grief...she is making me do plurals!!!! As long as the baby or babies are healthy and she does OK in delivery...I don't care how much I need to knit.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Happy Birthday Teddy Bear!

Our youngest Golden Retriever, Teddy Bear, is celebrating his third birthday today, June 19. He came into the rescue at age 4 1/2 months and I just couldn't let him go. He is a total love sponge but also is a handful some days. Fortunately, his Golden brothers seem to love him as much as we do because they tolerate a lot of yipping, nipping and wrestling from this guy. He loves laying his head in his daddy's lap while he gets belly rubs. Teddy is just a loving Golden boy.

Happy Birthday my little sweetheart and may you have many, many more!!!!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

My SPECIAL knitting bag

The UPS man came to my door late yesterday afternoon. I wasn't expecting him. He brought a medium sized box and it was from a yarn shop. I had not ordered anything...well, not anything that large.

Upon opening the box I found a GORGEOUS knitting bag made by Lexie Barnes inside. I was stunned. I had looked at this bag during a recent trip to Virginia but even though I dubbed it the "perfect knitting bag" I would never spend the $$$ for it. My husband had the shop order one in red and have it sent to me for our anniversary. Sometimes he truly amazes me!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this bag. It is somewhat bowling ball bag shaped so the wider bottom accommodates a large number of projects...which is what I usually have in the works. The outside can be wiped off with a damp cloth and is waterproof...I think. The shoulder handles are just the right length for me and are made not to slip off the shoulder. A wonderful concept!

As great as the outside is the inside is almost beyond description but I will try. There are many pockets of many sizes including long angled ones for knitting needles. I quickly loaded up the bag and still have space for a wallet and keys.

What a wonderful gift! Now I suppose I better go to the golf shop and buy him a present...gee...Father's Day is Sunday and our anniversary is Monday....yes, it is time to shop.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Shaped Socks

Aren't these lovely?

My friend Roberta is an even more avid (or is that rabid???) knitter than I am. Recently, during one of our jaunts to a local coffee house she told me about the wonderful pattern "Shapely Secrets Socks." Well, of course I just HAD to do that internet search and purchase a copy of the pattern for myself. This came after our discussion of whether or not I should decrease the number of cast on stitches. I felt that socks made from fewer stitches might not fit and then all of my work would be wasted. I don't mind frogging...really I don't...but I don't like frogging that much!

Dawn Adcock, the designer, has come up with a wonder basic sock pattern that helps eliminate the bagging that can occur above the heel flap at the back of the ankle of stockinette stitch socks. She also creatively adds a bit of leg shaping to the cuff by using a graduated ribbing into the leg. The sock is great for 64 or 72 stitches cast on for cuff down knitting. Dawn's website is

I am working on my first sock with this pattern and if it fits as well as I think it is going to fit...well this WILL become my standard basic pattern.

And, this pattern works well with the wonderful self-patterning yarns that are on the market for today's knitters. I am using a Regia silk/wool blend that I bought at Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival. It is going along more quickly than usual. Why? Because I am not as bored as I sometimes get with knitting around and around. I need to pay attention to Dawn's pattern.

Dawn thank you for sharing your talents with others and Roberta thank you for being such a good friend and pointing me in the direction of this pattern.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Part Deux...

Got some time to take a few photos of projects in the works. Here you will see a photo of the vest (which I am soooo anxious to knit) and the lovely hand-dyed alpacha yarn I am using for it; the lacey scarf from a heavy weight unspun wool for a friend ... yarn is lovely colors of greens, blues, raspberry and a little gold; the beginnings of a toddler sweater (frogged this yarn from another project that he already has now I am knitting a size 3...learned my lesson); and, of course, the Embossed Leaves socks in the multi-colored Koigu. I think the colors in the yarn are very Autumn like.I was going to enter these socks in the Centre County Grange Fair competition, however, I'm not sure the judges will truly see the "leaves" in the design. So, the jury is still out on what I am going to do. Maybe knit another pair in a non-patterned yarn as was suggested by my friend Roberta and also by a woman on the socknitters list who has knit two pair from this pattern. I do love the pattern. It goes quickly and keeps the knitter's interest!

Friday, June 02, 2006

Blogging Fun!

OK, I have caved in...again! I love other people's blogs and do miss posting my knitting projects and photos. Will work on photos this weekend and show my works in progress.

Am working on a number of projects -- a few pair of socks (Of course!); a beautiful scarf for a friend; a size 3 sweater for the toddler son of another friend; a long wrap for myself; and now a vest for myself.

The last one did not come easily. I have some beautiful hand-dyed alpacha yarn that originally was intended for a triangular shawl. I don't think I would ever wear the shawl. The yarn is gorgeous so there is no way I will "waste" it. Well, the few inches of the shawl were frogged. Next, I decided it would be a long wrap...well, I still don't think it would get worn often enough. I ended up deciding on a vest. I found a great one in a nice book I have owned for several years,
25 Gorgeous Sweaters for the Brand-New Knitter by Catherine Ham. I selected one called "Indian Vest" which has a cute squared bottom band and scooped rounded neckline. It buttons up the front.

I might do the gauge swatch tonight to make sure I am using the right size needles. I despise gauge swatches but have learned their importance.

Will post some photos in a few days. Happy Knitting.