Thursday, August 27, 2009

New Charity Project

This little gem is a cup sleeve. What is a cup sleeve you ask? Well, it slips over the paper cup that holds your hot coffee you buy at any convenience store or specialty coffee shop. A friend gave me the pattern and I am knitting them for the Pet Pantry of Centre County. We provide cat and dog food to the food banks in the county so people who want to keep their animals, but are having tough economic times, can feed them and keep them. Pets are important to many people. I know they are to me.

I am using superwash worsted weight wool and am waiting for an order from Knitpicks. The project goes quickly and little yarn is used. These will be great lunchtime knitting projects. We are going to sell them for $1 each and of course are reusable. All money will go toward the cost of pet food and will keep those paper cup covers out of the landfill. A win-win.

Check out the website:

WTAJ-TV did a story on the Pet Pantry. I don't think the link is still available, but here is the text from the spot.

Centre Co. Pet Food Pantry
Reported by: Adam Paluka
Monday, Jun 8, 2009 @03:32pm
COLLEGE TOWNSHIP, CENTRE COUNTY - As the economy continues to sputter, more and more local families are making some tough budget decisions. In Centre County, two women are determined to make sure feeding the family pet is not a casualty of the recession. “Since the middle of last year was about the first that I've heard someone on the phone say 'I really want to keep my dog. I really love my dog. I can't afford to feed it,'” Kim Bierly, of Centre County Golden Retriever Rescue, said. In less than a year Bierly and Caitlin Rivers have the Pet Pantry of Centre County up and running. In three weeks the two have distributed more than 700 pounds of donated dog and cat food. They believe the family pet cannot be forgotten in an economic downturn. “People just aren't willing to give up their dog because it's inconvenient and that's putting people in a really bad spot, and it's my job to make sure that doesn't happen anymore,” Rivers said. The goal is to eventually get one thousand pounds of dog and cat food donated every month. Their efforts are not going to end once the economy picks back up. “(Think about) our senior citizens on fixed incomes. For them, it's a permanent situation. They need the companionship, but sometimes their cat or dog is the only living creature they see everyday,” Bierly said. Currently, only dog and cat food is being collected, and the ladies are using a trusted distribution system to get Fido and Felix their meals. “People are already going to the food bank for human food donations, and a lot of them are the same people that need additional support for their pets. We're using the human food banks to distribute the food primarily,” Rivers said. Some donations come from local businesses, but Rivers and Bierly hope the bulk of the pet pantry will be stocked by local residents. For more information about donating, or getting some help from the pet pantry click here: .

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Adventure Hat

The Adventure Hat is finally finished. My teddy bear model is quite cooperative and loves the hat! It is knitted from two strands of yarn. The bottom part is one strand of taupe wool and one strand of multi-colored taupe/black/grey wool and the top is two strands of the taupe wool. A stunning combination, I think AND a great leftover/stash buster.

I am helping my friend, Libby, who owns Mad About Ewes yarn shop in Lewisburg. 12 of us knitted this hat pattern for female freshmen students at Bucknell University while 12 others knitted hats for male freshmen students. Freshmen are given a list of shops in the downtown to stop in and get a special "Welcome to Lewisburg" gift. I do believe Libby's will be a hit and are wonderful. Just like Libby.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Brandeis 3-8-96 to 8-13-09

My Sunshine is gone. He was stoic and brave these last 6 weeks and was ready to sleep. I will love you forever. You were my first Golden. This photo was taken 3 hours before your death and about an hour before you went downhill dramatically. We had a wonderful summer sitting on the downstairs porch. Brandeis got fresh air, was able to see the world pass by, bark at baby strollers and bicycles, and to sit at the fence to be petted by our neighbor. The weather was cooler than usual and a lot of sun...for my sunshine.
I did easy knitting -- dishcloths -- while sitting with him. They will forever be known as "Deisy's Dishcloths" and will be sold to benefit Golden Retriever Rescue of Central PA.