Thursday, July 29, 2010

Fall Knitting Magazine Review

They are horrible! That about says it. I was so excited today to find the Fall issue of Interweave Knits on the grocery story shelf. I grabbed it, leafed through the entire publication in 1 minute and returned it to the shelf. That is $6.99 plus tax I won't be spending. I have bought Interweave Knits for years, but in this past year or so find myself purchasing fewer and fewer of them.

I have put all the other fall ones back into their respective slots on the shelf at Barnes & Noble, too. Guess I will knit socks and other patterns I have this fall.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Just When You Least Expect It...A Knitting Bag Will Be Found

See this beauty!. Gorgeous eggplant -- one of my favorite shades in the purple family. 8 outside pockets, the inside divided into 2 large pockets with a narrow pocket that closes with velcro, and a shoulder handle. The latter is my only complaint and after a trip tomorrow to JoAnne's Fabric Store and a purchase of sticky-backed velcro this bag will be perfect. The bag's woven fabric is waterproof so has an unusual texture and is very lightweight.

As you can see this one nicely holds a sock project and shawlette project, with my knitting accessories in the interior pocket and my small box of coilness metal pins in one outside pocket. My Blackberries fit into other pockets as well as a small wallet. Great to take to knitting meetings.

Bags just seem to pop up everywhere...this one at at the Nittany Kennel Club dog show this weekend. The bag is designed for use as a ringside equipment bag for those who show dogs and horses. I saw a lot of people with this particular style and similar ones.

The bag is open at the top so I will have to be careful that Teddy Bear and Timber don't try to knit one more time...yes they have tried in the past but their paws are too large for this hobby.
The bags can be seen here

Thursday, July 22, 2010

No Photo Day

Boneyard Shawl is crawling toward the finish line and I will post a photo when it is done. Given that I'm using fingering weight yard, it will be a scarf and not a shawl...which is exactly what I wanted from this skein of fabulous yard. An early photo is in my last blog posting.

I've been really sidetracked with some personal issues that I think/hope are resolving themselves in a positive manner.

Knitting progress has also been slowed by organizing yarn, culling through yarn for what I won't be using, and posting yarn for sale on my Ravelry page. I'm not gouging people but am asking purchase price plus shipping. Wildaboutsocks is my Ravelry name in case anyone wants to browse what I currently have available. I will be adding more this weekend once I get to that stage of organization. I have sold 5 skeins this week. Excellent! I'm sure that was the exception because two of those skeins were Wollmeise which people seem to covet. I just need to move yarns, recoup my money, and regroup. One person said she would "take" yarn I didn't want...ummmm...nice but there was no mention of money and none intended. Sorry, I can't give away skeins of yarn that cost me $30.

It feels good to organize. A lot more to do with the yarn and then I dive into the closets. Have done a bit of that pulling out clothing I don't want to give to the Faith Center for their resale shop. Gives me space and helps them raise much needed money for their community projects. A win-win in my opinion.

More soon with photos I hope.

Sunday, July 04, 2010

Another Boneyard Shawlette

The DK weight Zauberball (I have serious doubts about that yarn being a true DK weight) is complete. A photo will be posted once the shawlette is blocked. I decided it needs some blocking to smooth out the knitting and to make it just a bit larger.

I really likethe Boneyard Shawl pattern by Stephen West. Enough so that I started another one which I know will be a scarf as I am using a lovely fingering weight yard from Pagewood Farm. It is a hand-dyed merino/cashmere/nylon (80/10/10) in the colorway "Prism" which is rich shades of red, navy, grey, gold, dark green. Very fall/winter like and will be a wonderful wardrobe addition. The yarn is scrumptious to knit with and I'm glad that after much debate with myself I decided to use it for a shawlette rather than socks.

I still love knitting socks but some yarns are just destined for certain projects. This is one of them.