Sunday, August 03, 2014

UFOs and More UFOs

Earlier this week I was sorting through project bags I haven't opened in quite a while, in a small cupboard and other hiding places. I found a few things I was looking for (which was the reason for the search) and quite a few I had forgotten. The latter was a treasure trove of UFOs! The photo is just a sampling of the Unfinished Objects that surfaced.

The closest to being finished is the purple shawl with the variegated border. It will be worked on this week and should be finished quickly. I am planning on it to keep me warm in my office this winter. That was its original intention about 2 years ago when I started it! I'm using a lovely worsted weight yarn from Lorna's Laces.

At the right is a variegated yarn from Mountain Colors. It too will be a shawl. There are only a few rows knit but I think the yarn and pattern combination will be a great choice.

The purple and teal is also a shawl. I will finish it as a gift. I have the recipient in mind. At top is a ball of eggplant color yarn and a ball of gold/other colors. That project was frogged because I no longer like the pattern. I love the yarn so it will be a 2-color shawl whose pattern will be chosen at another time. I do have something in mind.

The brighter multi-color alpaca was also frogged. I'm thinking perhaps something in linen stitch. This yarn would make it very interesting. Also frogged was the project immediately to its left. A nice DK weight yarn...a pattern I don't like. Finally, at far left is a pair of socks from a Schaeffer Yarn Company fiber. I have no idea how long ago I started it...those socks are on Signature DPNs that I forgot I owned. They are an interesting pattern so I think I will knit a bit further before deciding if that project will be finished or frogged.

All of these yarns are  really nice. In my mind there is no reason to complete projects I don't like.

I am still working on organizing my yarn stash -- which primarily consists of UFOs rather than yarns in their original skeins or balls. It actually felt good to frog those projects. A sense of relief. And an opportunity to turn gorgeous yarns into projects I or someone else will like.

See  you next week....