Saturday, July 26, 2008

Works in Progress

The past few weeks have flown by and I have had very little time to knit. Those few hours are now down to zero for at least the next 10 days. I need to make some bandannas and collar scrunchies for our Golden Retriver Rescue to sell at a Bark-in-the-Park event during a minor league baseball game in early August. I purchased a number of really nice fabrics and am telling myself NOT to stress about it...just to sew a few in as many patterns as possible. Over the past 9-plus years since I started this rescue I have made thousands of them with the money we earn going to pay for vet bills, dog food, collars and leashes, dog bed, dog toys and other things the rescue kids need. All for a good cause! The knitting can wait a bit.

I had planned to enter socks and a scarf or shawl into the annual Grange Fair, but time has slipped by and I don't have enough time to finish the scarf for entry. The rescue bandannas and scrunchie are my priority.

I do have a pair of socks completed but think I will skip entering this year. They are very rigid about when items can and can't be picked up and I will be out-of-town working during the 2-hour window that is scheduled for pick-up. I don't want to risk someone taking my project so i will knit something for next year...maybe.

See this pretty sock? It is being knit from Bellamoden yarn in the colorway Lord of the Rings. Purchased it on-line from The Loopy Ewe and I love this yarn...a very soft yt sturdy sprot weight yarn base with gorgeous colors that pop out at me as I knit. The pattern I'm using is the ever popular Monkey Socks from Knitty. Just get onto the site -- which is awesome with its free patterns -- and search for the sock name. I have to fudge a bit because of the 16-stitche repeat and the number of stitches I use for my socks. The match doesn't quite work but no one will be able to tell.

Christmas in July has arrived! This soft Feather & Fan scarf is being knit in a lovely soft fingering weight yarn in two colors -- but varying shades of each color. The brown ranges from a pale camel to a dark chocolate and the grey ranges from the palest of the shade to a gorgeous charcoal. They blend nicely and particlar work well in this F&F pattern.

This is a gift and I do hope the recipient likes it. She is very particular so one never knows.

I'm still working on other socks, scarves, shawls and a baby blanket. Most of those projects are too heavy on the lap for this hot weather. So, they will wait for a bit until things cool down.

What are you knitting?

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Wow! Sock Club Box Arrives

I'm not sure how Sheri at The Loopy Ewe continues to outdo herself with the incredible contents of the sock club boxes. For those who are unfamiliar with sock clubs -- you join for the specified number for a year and then your box magically appears in the mail. I like Sheri's for a number of reasons -- you pay each time you get one and not all upfront which is much easier on the purse strings and she always amazes and thrills me with the content.

Today's box contained what is in the bottom photo: gorgeous sock yarn from Smooshy Dream in Color in colorway Spicy Smooches which is shades if beiges with a little gray to make it even more interesting; a fabulous TOP DOWN (yeah!!!) sock pattern called Hugs and Chocolate Kisses designed b Debbie O'Neill specifically for The Loopy Ewe' a cute little button thingy that says "born to knit"; a pack of peppermint candy (always peppermints in the summer and Hershey kisses in the winter -- in ALL packages sent by Sheri and the Elves); and the most fabulous notepad and pen. Lots of lines pages to make notes about patterns, a heavy duty vinyl cover complete with Loopy on the front and a cute red pen.

No wonder her sock club fills up fast each winter...I don't know how she is going to manage the number of people who will want to rejoin and join for next year. The desire to join was high this year -- can't imagine what next year will be like for her as more and more people discover her wonderful on-line shop.

Are you wondering what types of things have been in other packages? See the cute red zippered case that holds a ton of knitting accessories and necessities...that was in a recent shipment. The first box of each of the past two years has included a larger version of this zippered case. The plastic is top grade and sturdy but flexible. Very nice way to hold projects, keep them together and keep those darn stitches on the needles! There have been other cute gifites too...a tiny crochet hook on a ring holder, specially made row markers, etc. etc. All very clever and fun surprises.
Thanks Sheri and Elves! Will September's box soon be here??? hehehehehe