Thursday, May 30, 2013

Karbonz Knitting Needles Have Arrived!

Karbonz Knitting Needles -- made from high-tech carbon fiber -- will be for sale at Main Street Yarn beginning tomorrow mid to late afternoon. These New Age Needles are very popular so some sizes are back ordered. We do have a selection in 6" double points and 24", 32" and 40" circulars. Stop by and check it out.

Also, a new really FUN yarn from Universal will be on sale beginning tomorrow afternoon. Hope to see you!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Time to Catch Up....

I cannot  believe that it has been almost two months since I wrote a blog post. Opening a yarn shop, while trying to keep up with life in general, makes one really busy but it is a good type of busy.

Let's see what I have done since I last checked in:
-- Traveled to MD Sheep & Wool Festival with a busload of fiberholics and met up with my good friend Roberta. We had not seen each other in 3 1/2 years. The day flew and too soon it was time to say good-bye but we had a ton of fun
-- Got a case of "startitis" -- translation I've begun and not finished a bunch of knitting projects. Goal now is to complete them soon!
-- I'm learning to use Constant Contact which is a great newsletter program and have sent out two newsletters -- the next one will be later this week
-- Gotten very active on the Main Street Yarn Facebook page
-- Launched the website yesterday -- check us out at The blog updates are available on the website
-- Began investigating yarn companies I don't stock. One big issue in adding most of them is their high opening order minimums. Yikes! $2,000 is more than I planned for an opening order with one in particular. Purchasing from them might get put onto the back burner for a while.
-- Have been giving medical care and fluids under the skin to my older Golden Retriever. Fortunately, his stomach issues seem to be settling down. Now if he only would quit licking the front of his leg. There is nothing wrong with it. I think it is just nerves.

Whew! It has been a busy few weeks.

There are a lot of fun classes planned at Main Street Yarn including how to dye your own yarn, more Magic Loop Sock Classes, and some others we will soon announce.

No photos this time but I will post new photos of a summer yarn and the Karbonz knitting needles in a new blog post later in the week. The timing is all up to the UPS man.