Thursday, April 29, 2010


It was a long trip from one side to the other of "Baktus" but the scarf is complete. Colorful and as I said a present for a good friend. Can't say more...she reads this blog. Yarn is Mini Mochi color 105 and is a virtual rainbow of happiness...hence my "Happy Scarf" as I dubbed it in a previous post. Pattern is free on Ravelry. Lots of free and fun patterns of all skill levels on Ravelry.

Saturday is Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival. There is a full bus of fiberholics leaving Central PA early Saturday morning and returning that evening. A long day but well worth it. Will post after the trip and this year will try to take more photos.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Young Knitters

On Saturday I went to an LYS Stitch Your Art Out in Pine Grove Mills which is just outside State College. I bought myself some yarn and a pattern for a short-sleeved zip front hoodie. I think knitting on it will comment this week once I finish the triangular scarf. I'm on the home stretch with it and will post a photo of the completed item soon.

Cynthia was having a sweater knitting class. There were two nice ladies and a little boy there. I thought, "oh how nice the one lady brought her son." NOT! This 8-year-old boy was knitting a beautiful rolled neck striped sweater and was finishing the last rows of the neck and then was almost done witht the cast-off when I left. Absolutely gorgeous! His stitches were even and the sweater will be something he can wear for a long as a growth spirt doesn't hit this summer.

He is quite charming and told me his entire class knits. He attends the Friends School in State College. I have heard they offer interesting and unusual classes for the youngsters. I consider knitting to be useful and I love seeing guys knit. I think he loved a new audience (me) because his smile grew larger as I continued to compliment his workmanship.