Tuesday, January 28, 2014

After a Long Absence....I'm Back

I don't know where the months went. My last post was in early October right after Lily died. It was a gorgeous, although sad, Autumn without having her to share the days and evenings. Lily was a special SPCA kitty. I said no more. Never. Say. Never.

One day on Facebook the Clinton County SPCA popped up with a post about a kitten who needed a home. I saw that post on Thursday, Dec. 12. On Friday, Dec. 13 (no superstitions here!) I brought home this little bundle of energy and joy. We named her Whitney. No, she is not at all like Lily. I don't want her to be...she is her own bundle of joy.

If she grows into her ears she will be one very big kitty!
Now for some knitting content....recently finished socks. These are knit from a gorgeous skein of Opal DK. Great to keep the feet warm on these very cold winter days. Opal is probably my very favorite commercial sock yarn. I love sock yarn. Many of you know that but Opal tops my list.
I will return again soon. I promise....