Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Socks, Slippers Ready to Mail!

I am so pleased to say that my first batch of socks and slippers for Macuwitasni are ready to mail. I knit two pair of tube socks because I can knit them while riding in a car and don't have to think about heels, etc. The other pair I decided to make traditional. The tube socks are extra long to cover cold legs in South Dakota. I knit the little slippers quickly and they hopefully will add warmth to tiny feet. Macuwitasni is a yahoo group that I joined a few months ago. I also have a vest and a child's sweater almost completed and hopefully will be mailing them soon.

Disclaimer: I took the following from the explains the project beautifully...

"Macuwita sni is a Lakota term which translates to: "I'm not cold"! The several thousand children of the Cheyenne River Sioux in South Dakota need our hand knitted wool sweaters!!!If you love to knit & want to open both your heart & stash to warm a child .... do join! There are no fees ... no schedules .... no requirements - well, I guess wool yarn, a little time and a little mail money to send your creation to SD are the basics which you will need.Our focus is child sized clothing - size 2 -14. WOOL is WONDERFUL - although a wool/acrylic blend is OK as long as the concentration of wool to acrylic is higher. ~ (No cottons or 100% acrylics please!)~Please consider a larger size too. Yes - it may take a wee bit longer to knit & use a wee bit more yarn - but older children are sometimes over looked. Heck the style *is* oversized anyway!Got extra wool?? Maybe a hat ... or mittens ... or sox ... or vest! "

Won't you consider joining and helping? Please make sure the wool is washable. Dry cleaning just is not convenient.