Sunday, August 14, 2011

Camp Loopy Project Two

My Single Cabled Socks (as I named them) are done and the photo uploaded to The Loopy Ewe site. Just under the wire. Knitting time has been sparse because of the intense heat and humidity and some volunteer activities that are keeping me really busy. All good though.

I used a new cast-on (to me) that I found on another pattern. Cast on more stitches than I use for the socks and then do a k2tog to give them more stretch. I quickly tried these on and think the cuff will fit better than others. The sock itself is the basic sock pattern with a simple heel flap and turned heel. I knit with Claudia's Handpaints in colorway "Secrets" and am pleased with the results. Very nice yarn that I would highly recomment. My socks are knitted on 56 stitches and the cable is a pattern repeat of 8 stitches that I found in a stitch guide.

Knitting a cable was the basic rule for this project, and since I don't care for cables or cable knitting (it isn't hard but I find it too fiddly) I followed the rules while making the project as simple as possible for myself.

The third and final camp project begins tomorrow and must be finished by September 15. I am using Lorna's Laces "Honor" in the colorway Mineshaft. The requirement for this project is to use 800 yards of yarn knitted singlely to put everyone on the same page. I love Stephen West's "Boneyard" shawl so am making myself one from this lovely DK weight yarn. Will be nice to knit on size 8s again. Hope I get a bit more time because 800 yards is a lot for me to knit in one month.

If participants finish all three projects -- I have two done -- and have purchased their yarn from The Loopy Ewe during a specific timeframe prior to the project start they get rewarded. A discount for the project yarn, frequent buyer double credits, and this fall will get a gift of a skein of the hard-to-purchase Wollmeise yarn and a special pattern. I am determined to finish and am keeping my eye on the prize.