Monday, March 29, 2010

Goal Achieved: Ishbel Finished

My first Ishbel is finished and I really love it! Blocking will commence in due time. Yarn is fingering weight purchased last year at MD Sheep & Wool from Ellen's 1/2 Pint Farm in Vermont. Love their fibers!

Meet my new distraction...Timber. 2 months old and adorable! I am not seeing much knitting progress for a while. Maybe dishcloths for the Deisy's Dishcloth project. Something that can be picked up and put down easily. That leaves out the other Ishbel I started once the stockinette section is finished.

Monday, March 22, 2010

"Happy" Scarf

I'm calling this new scarf I started knitting on Saturday a "Happy" scarf. It is going to be a Christmas present -- yes as in December -- for a good friend. Can't say who as she reads this blog.

I'm in North Carolina so wanted a no-brainer knitting project while here. There is NCAA basketball on the TV for what seems like 24/7 so a lace project just wouldn't work.

I wasn't in town 10 minutes on Saturday afternoon until I hopped back into the car and headed 8 miles away to Bella Filati yarn shop in Southern Pines. I had already selected a side-to-side garter stitch scarf pattern, "Baktus" scarf that I found for free on Ravelry. Easy knit and in this yarn quite pretty.

Oh the yarn. is Mini Mochi machine washable 80% wool/20% nylon fiber combination. There is no twist to this yarn so is a bit like knitting with skinny roving. The results are a beautiful color combination. I selected Color 105 which is a combination of purple, teal, red, gold, and green. As one color progresses into the other the scarf also takes on other shades. Quite nice.

I am going to make more of these scarves from yarn in my stash. I think, with the new puppy arriving on Saturday, if I'm going to get ANY knitting done for a while it will be dishcloths for my Deisy's Dishcloths project that benefits Golden Retriever Rescue or one of these scarves. Ummm...a plan and one I really like. Happy Knitting everyone...

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Rainy Day Knitting

It has been pouring rain since mid-morning. The region is on a watch for small stream flooding and I keep checking the basement for water ... it will come in...just don't know always does. That complicates things with Teddy Bear because it also makes his kennel room wet. Sigh...

Today has been a productive knitting day. Ishbel in getting closer to the finish line. No photo to post right now because pretty Ishbel doesn't look any different in a photo than she did in my last post. I have 14 long rows to go and I'm holding my breath more and more. Why? I am hoping/praying I don't run out of yarn. There is no way to get more of this hand-dyed I bought last May at Maryland Sheep and Wool.

I started with 450 yards. Ishbel takes about 360 but I added two extra repeats of the lace. If all else fails I will find a coordinating plain color for the last repeat and cast off row. It won't be as pretty but I'm NOT...repeat NOT ripping back. I have lifelines but not for that purpose. I think I will be OK with little yarn left. I don't care about that. Just want to get finished before Timber arrives two weeks from today. I just can't wait! I know a puppy is a lot of work but he will be worth it.

I will knit but not lace for a while. Will stick with plain vanilla socks, the simple scarf I am knitting (saving that for next post) and Deisy's Dishcloths which I am making for the Golden Retriever Rescue to sell at the merchandise table.

Gotta run..I just heard Ishbel calling me.