Tuesday, July 25, 2006

BEST fitting sock

Finally had time to finish my sock from Regia wool/silk. I am really pleased with the yarn..a joy to knit with and the colors are beautiful.

But, the BEST part is the pattern I used. I wrote about it a while back and bought a copy based on the suggestion of my good friend, Roberta. The pattern is called Shapely Secrets Socks and was designed by Dawk Adcock. It can be found on her site at www.dawnadcock.com and I highly recommend this pattern.

Until this sock all of mine bagged a bit at the ankle. Frankly, I probably need to go down a needle size (I use #2) and she recommends #0. I think I will compromise and use #1. There is extended ankle shaping and nice shaping at the top. I think one size smaller needle will completely solve my ankle bagging woes. Today I ordered a pair of Crystal Palace dpns in size 1 and another set in size 2 (I do knit with thinker yarn sometimes for heavier wool socks). I love the 6-inch needles and have completely fallen for the Crystal Palace needles.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Shawl from sock yarn

I have begun and frogged several shawls. I just wasn't happy with them after a few inches of knitting, primairly because I selected the wrong yarn.

This time it's different!

I chose Trekking sock yarn in color 108 which is a lovely combination of shades of blue/turquoise/rust/dark yellow/ brown/lavender. Might sound like an odd color combination but I think it is truly lovely. I Bought the yarn from Molly at Knitters Underground in Centre Hall, PA...she recently began carrying a large selection of colors and all are gorgeous. I bought 5 skeins without a shawl pattern in mind and no plans to begin knitting one in 90-plus degree heat. Well, the fingers got itchy to begin and I wanted to try Trekking. I love the feel and it knits beautifully!

During the drive home from the yarn shop I tried to make a decision on what shawl to knit...had to make up my mind quickly because I only live 4 blocks from Molly's shop. Went to the bookshelf and pulled out the always reliable Folk Shawls book. I started leafing through the pages drooling at the lovely shawl...triangular and oblong. Then I saw it! The Kimono Shawl...that was it. The pattern has a garter stitch border around the outside and the lace repeat is an easy one...a 24-row repeat done 25 times or for as long as you want your shawl to be when finished. The pattern in the book shows it knitted in a lovely off-white yarn but I decided to use my self-striping sock yarn. I think I am going to like the patterned yarn. I am committed to it.

I don't have a lot of spare time for knitting these days but wanted to have the first repeat finishing before I took it to the yarn shop for inspection by Molly and Billie. Today was its unveiling and they really liked it. Whew! Molly will block it for me when I am finished ... hopefully for fall wearing.

Back to work and then to school board meetings tonight. Might not be able to knit until tomorrow. Keep watching for its progress.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

The Mailman Arrived!

My visit to the Post Office this morning yielded just the packages I have been waiting for...

Which to open first...well start with the smaller one...

Two handmade fabric bags to hold sock projects. These wonderfully designed bags are made by "trek" at trek casts on... http://trekcelt.blogspot.com They are lined and have a nice drawstring top. She makes her items for swapping and I sent her a set of dpns that she wanted as the swap item. I also sent the Golden Retriever adult and Golden Retriever puppy fabrics, lining and thread for my bags which is why only needles were needed to swap.

Check out her blog for other fabrics, some really nice free sock patterns and other items. She also will make longer spindle bags, too. I am very pleased with the design, wonderful workmanship and prompt mailing.

Now to the second package...if you have bags for sock projects one must have yarn, too. Right? Of course I am right!!

My friend Roberta directed me to the etsy site on the Internet...a VERY dangerous on-line shopping site for all sorts of hand-dyed yarns. While pursuing I found some gorgeous yarn in shades of blue, lavender, roses and yelllows made by Gypsyknits. Her blog is http://gypsyknits.blogspot.com and is a really fun place to visit, too.

The online sales site is gypsyknits.etsy.com Check out her yarns and the others too. Kathy's yarns are a soft merino wool and the colors are fabulous. Well worth the investment.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Baby Blanket

Started the first knitting project for Steof's and Joe's baby. Decided to knit a corner to corner pastel blanket from stash yarn. A nice easy project for a Saturday. The yarnovers add a decorative touch to the edges. I got yellow yarn for a sweater, hat and socks to turn this into an ensemble. Perhaps she will use it to bring the baby home from the hospital in January.