Friday, February 25, 2011

Sockless in PA

For years socks have been my primary knitting passion. But, somehow, with the invention of shawlettes I have moved away from socks. Shawlettes are wonderful but often take a long time to knit...those rows of stitches are never-ending. I don't need a lot of yarn for my socks because I only wear a size 5 1/2 shoe, so being frugal I pick out sock yarn and knit the shawlettes because I use most if not all of a skein. Time for sock knitting reason to set back in!

I am vowing to get back to my sock knitting because:

a) I love handmade socks because they fit me

b) They are a much more portable project

c) Socks are a quick knit -- a sense of accomplishment

d) I have boxes of stashed sock yarn that needs to be used -- well, I am using it for shawlettes

e) Realistically, how many shawlettes can one person wear

f) I LOVE SOCKS! Wear them daily....

Photo is of a pair that has been in the works for some time. Sock one is done and sock two is well on its way. Love how they match. Goal is to finish shawlette this weekend and then this sock is next project, along with two summer baby hats which in DK weight yarn won't take of them in a week or so.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Major Progress on Shawlette

I am nearing the eyelet rows for the edging of Simple Things Shawlette. This is a delightfully easy pattern to knit and the results are really nice. I knit one in a sparkly handpainted wool in shades of raspberry and pinks for the holidays. Loved it!

Maryland Sheep & Wool is quickly approaching and I wanted to have a small handknit to wear to the show. If you have never been to a fiber festival it is well worth the trip just to see the handknits people are wearing. Generally fabulous.

Dug into the stash and pulled out a lovely ball of Sockotta fingering weight yarn. Sockotta is a nice blend -- 45% wool; 40% cotton; 15% nylon. Loved the shades of blue and decided it would look nice around the neck of a tee shirt. So, I started knitting. Only have 3 rows remaining on the stockinette section before I begin the 10-row repeats for the eyelets rows. The pattern calls for 2 rows of eyelets, but I know I have more yarn than called for in the pattern, so I'm planning to do 3 and maybe even 4 rows...will depend on amount of yarn in the skein and my desire to get finished.

Will post a completed photo when project is done, which I anticipate to be in another week. What's on your needles?

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Part Two -- Ravelry Valentine Exchange

Kandice received her package in today's mail and loved what I sent to her. Yeah!!!! I knit her Laura Chau's "Simple Yet Effective Shawl" which can be purchased for a few dollars. This can be knitted in many weights and a large variety of yarns. I chose Schaefer Anne's shade of purple in fingering weight. The shawlette I made for Kandice has 5 repeats each of the two sections -- one is stockinette and the other garter. I was going to do 6 of each but was running out of time and yarn. There are a lot of stitches in this shawl.
Photos show the finished shawl and a closeup of the pattern sections. I really, really love the shading in this yarn. Enjoy Kandice!

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Ravelry Valentine Exchange

Since November I have been participating in a Valentine's Day gift exchange on Ravelry. The Loopy Ewe group to be precise. Today I mailed my gift to Kandice in California. Once she receives her box later this week I will post a photo of what I knit for her. I really like it and hope she does, too. Kandice is now one of my blog readers, so I am not posting until I know she has opened the gift. I've been teasing her too long to spoil it now!

Last week my present from Janet arrived. Wow! Look at all the goodies in this photo. At right is a gorgeous lacey short scarf Janet knitted for me from Zauberball. Those colors are lucious and just perfect for my wardrobe. The scarf looks cute flipped over in a short tie and also with a shawl stick.
Janet also sent me a gorgeous skein of Sweet Georgia yarn in a beautiful raspberry-purple combination. There is plenty for a shawlette. But, I think I will knit lacy socks and use the leftover for fingerless mitts. Plenty for both in this large skein. The candy Janet sent me is gone, gone, gone ... and yes, I enjoyed every bite. Additionally, there is a cool box with a variety of cocoas and a recipe book. Going to dig into that this weekend. She sent an adorable card, too, which was a nice touch.
Swaps are fun. I love what I received. I hope Kandice feels the same when her box arrives in California.