Saturday, March 15, 2008

Safe Travels Roberta

I really dislike saying good-bye. I also don't think my friend Roberta is fond of the idea. Yesterday we chose to say, "talk to you soon" rather than good-bye.

We have known each other for about 6 years -- since I started the knitting guild in Centre County, PA. Roberta was (can't believe it is past tense) employed at Penn State University but is now heading deep into the heart of Texas to a new and exciting job at a major University there. They are lucky to have her. The warm temps, new people, and new job are perfect for her. She will make many friends quickly.

Roberta is an accomplished knitter and like many of us, often frogs as much as she knits. But her finished products are awesome. She first encouraged me in sock I guess she is one of several people who are to be credited for my addition. During the past year or so Rob has encouraged my attempts at lace knitting and helped me decide that perhaps I need to use sock weight yarn rather than lace weight.

For quite a while now we have been meeting several times a month in the Cafe at the local Barnes & Noble Booksellers. Trips there will never be the same now. We have our own version of "show and tell" with our knitting, new yarn purchases and patterns -- primarily free ones we find on the Internet. We met there for the last time yesterday.

When that moment arrived, and we were standing near the front door of the bookshop, our minds seemed to be working on the same track. Instead of good-bye, we both said "are you going to NJ for Thanksgiving? Me too!" So we have plans for a get-together in Princeton. We are dedicated to calling each other weekly, emailing and of course will continue to check on each other through our blogs.

Safe journey next week Roberta and your adorable kitties, Frannie and Maggie. This is a new phase in your life and a wonderful adventure. I will miss you but the distance won't change our friendship.

Please drive safely and don't speed! Remember, speeding tickets cost money ... yarn money...

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Happy 12th Birthday Brandeis!

This handsome fellow has a busy birthday scheduled today -- we already made his ground turkey/carrot/parmesean cheese meatloaf birthday cake; he goes to the groomer later this morning and tops off the fun with his annual trip to McDonald's. Oh, in between we have to stop at Barnes & Noble Booksellers to meet an adopter and foster parents to adopt a wonderful 2 year old Golden boy to his forever family. Whew! What a day.

Look for knitting content next week.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Yarn Shop Review

Obviously, this isn't a yarn shop...but this was my view during a slight detour to Great Balls of Yarn! in Palm Beach Gardens, FL. More on the shop in a few minutes...

I don't know when I've seen such blue water, a gorgeous sky and very cool waves. I could easily live by the beach but that will never happen so have to be glad to be able to enjoy it on rare occasions.

Now for the review: the shop is located in a strip mall so offers plenty of free parking places. Good thing, too, as it was packed! New knitters sitting at a table learning the garter stitch from a very patient teacher in a bustling shop that was quite fun. I was surprised how much wool or wool blend yarn the shop carries, but I guess they gear toward the snowbirds. The only sock yarn I found was Koigu and although I don't really like it for socks, I bought a gorgeous colorway with some raspberry in it. Probably would not have BUT there was a sock knit in a k2, p2 pattern in this particular colorway and it is gorgeous! It might be my Grange Fair sock entry.

Also got some for a chevron scarf. I really love it when shopowners try to help knitters but what they need but NOT more than they need. The woman pointed out to me that since I really want a decorative scarf, I didn't need two skeins each of two colors of Koigu...I don't need a scarf almost 80 inches long. I am using some orange shades in one skein and shades of blue with some orange in the other...I know...not my usual colors but it is to wear to the Bucknell basketball games next season. Perfect! I love the combination I chose.

We will be home Tuesday night and our few days in warm temps (high 70s and sunshine!) will be over for this trip. But, it has been wonderful. We went to the men's Honda Classic golf tournament and tomorrow are going to a spring training baseball game of the Florida Marlins vs. the Boston Red Sox. I have always wanted to see the Red Sox play in person. Also are stopping to visit a friend and her family before the game.