Saturday, November 15, 2008

Holiday Knitting

Right now I am knitting socks as a Christmas gift and am using Rio de la Plata twist sock yarn. The colors are right, the yarn base is soft and it is superwash! Just perfect for the young woman on the go -- not me, the person who will get these socks.

Ironically enough the only drawback with the Rio sock yarn is the splits during knitting and if your needles are not pointed is somewhat of a problem. However, my new dpns with the very pointed tips are solving that problem. The photo shows a color of Rio yarn -- not the one I'm using for this particular pair of socks but it is one that I have and am going to use for myself.

It is just amazing how many indie dyers are now marketing their yarns. There are some gorgeous ones out there...prices are going up, as with everything. But, with all the time I spend knitting an item I really want to use as nice of yarn as possible. I have a good stash and am glad for the yarns before many of the prices increased. So, I am knitting from stash and happy for it!
My holiday knitting this year consists of a pair of socks and several pairs of fingerless mitts. What about you? What are you knitting?

Thursday, November 13, 2008


Last weekend I attended my first Stitches East event in Baltimore, MD. The weather was warm and sunny and finding the hotel was relatively easy -- despite some distractions. When we arrived I learned that this was the last year for the event in Baltimore ... next year it is in Hartford, CT...which is a 6 1/2 hour rather than a 3 hours drive. Glad I decided to go this year!

One of the most pleasurable moments of the trip was a chance meeting with Debra of Debra's Garden. She is delightful and so talented. Her knitting jewelry is gorgeous and very creative.

Also got to meet Cheryl from Cherry Tree Hill and her equally talented daughter who, in the knitting world, is known as "Indie Dyer."

I bought a knitting related necklace, silver sock earrings, some special double pointed needles, and of course yarn. I think the Tess's yarn booth was my favorite. Their yarn bases are so soft and their colors gorgeous -- ranging from yummy pastels to gorgeous brighter colors. I think I could have stayed in their booth all day!

No photos to share as they are forbidden on the sales floor, I was told.

Stitches is a very different event from Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival. Some of the vendors are the same, but the indoor venue is a more sterile environment than the fairgrounds where I will head in May.