Sunday, August 31, 2008

Finished Baby Hat and a New Scarf Style

This cute little baby hat was fun to knit in a cotton blend. "Rover" the stuffed Golden Retriever dog models it while Lily my little Calico cat looks on. I tried to get her to model the hat but that was a no go!

I've been busy knitting socks (am saving that photo for the next post) and a triangular scarf. Am using Noro's knew sock yarn that is one-ply and in typical Noro style is unusually multi-colored. The yarn is a bit rough for my taste, but I'm told it "blooms" when wet and blocked. I hope so. I don't think I would like it for socks but I am enjoying knitting it for this clever scarf. Doncha love how the colors change and are very different? I know I do!

No, the scarf is not an original design. I was reading The blog from Rosie's Yarn Shop and the August 2 POST (click for link) showed a finished design using the Noro sock yarn. The pattern is a simple triangle with the k2, yo knit across the row pattern once you get started. The blog writer is very clever to figure out that this yarn is good for such a pattern. I know I'm hooked. I love mindless patterns to knit while watching football. I bet I knit another one to give as a Christmas gift.

Football season opened yesterday at Penn State and we are off to a good start...although the opposition was Coastal Carolina ... a school that has only had a football team for 7 years. Humm....

The temps are cooling at night and there are signs that Autumn is in the air. I love Autumn but am in no hurry for it. Today is a gorgeous sunny day, low humidity, and a little breeze. I'd take this weather year-around if offered the opportunity.

Have a wonderful Labor Day!

I will post photos of the finished scarf later this week. It is moving along nicely.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Random Knitting Notes

No photos to share today but wanted to make a list of a few bits of knitting "news" mixed with some personal thoughts...

There is a new on-line knitting magazine Twist Collective that looks quite promising. Patterns are for sale but from what I have seen in this premiere issue, they are nicely designed and there is a good variety. I urge them to keep up the good work!

Knit Picks finally did what I have been waiting for...they just came out with straight knitting needles in their wooden Harmony design. They began this process with double pointed needles and then progressed to circular needles. For quite a while it appeared that was it but a few weeks ago wa-la! the straights appeared on their merchandise site. I use straight needles in the 10" length as much as possible because I just don't like circular needles but sometimes have to use them. Of course I now own a set of the Knit Picks straights. A good deal for 9 different sizes that are packaged in a nice fabric case.

While in the grocery store last week I picked up the latest issue of Vogue Knitting magazine and after less that 5 minutes returned it to the shelf and walked away. Yuck! The patterns appear to be retro in nature, a ton of cables, and for those pencil thin runway models. I don't see that REAL women can wear any of them. I know my knitting time is very limited these days so when I buy a magazine or a pattern I want something that will look nice and doesn't require much fiddling.

However, I did purchase the latest copy of Knit 'N Style magazine that has some nice articles, workable patterns and beautiful photos. Am waiting for my favorite knitting magazine, Interweave Knits, to hit the sales rack this week. They often don't offer a lot of patterns that suit me but for some reason I just LOVE that magazine.

On the magazine front, I read that Debbie Bliss is publishing a knitting magazine and the first issue is scheduled for debut on September 2. There is hope!

If you are a shawl knitter, go to the Elann site now. There is a gorgeous shawl on the website's home page and the pattern is free. Just click and print! But, if you are an Elann "regular" you know the site updates often and the photo and free pattern changes.

Hope you are enjoying August and are knitting. The weather turned dramatically cooler yesterday and inspired me to knit on a sock. Am hoping to relax and get more knitting done this weekend.

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Happy 10th Birthday!

Two of my furbabies are celebrating their 10th birthdays today. Happy Birthday my lovies and may we celebrate many more together! Mommy adores both of you. Stratton and his tennis ball is what I call "keeping his eye on the ball" and Patches is just giving me a cute pose.
Knitting content next time.