Thursday, January 20, 2011

It's Baaacccckkkk!!

What is back you may ask..well my Knitting Mojo, that's what. And I am so glad. Now if I just had more time to knit. Sigh...

Right now I am on a deadline for a swap gift on Loopy Ewe Ravelry site. I am enjoying knitting for this young woman who lives in California. We have developed a terrific relationship via email and I know it will be one I will foster for years. I will be the recipient of a handknit gift from another Ravelry woman who is also a dear and I love emailing with her too. I think our friendship will be a good one, too.

I am about 85% finished with what I am knitting. I think my partner might read my blog so just to be careful and keep the surprise, I'm not mentioned what it is or showing a photo until after she receives it. The packages are to have arrived by Valentine's Day, so it won't be long until I can share photo. I love it and am really happy with the way it is turning out.

Once completed, I have a knitting list a mile long. When I need a break from this larger project, I am knitting two baby hats for my almost great-nieces. Annie and Lily were born at the end of August and are just adorable. The hats are alike but the colors are different. When I get a bit further with the first one I will post a photo.

I have several shawlettes I want to knit for myself, some socks, and I want to knit a worsted weight circular scarf that matches a hat I made for myself. Also have some other worsted twisted wool for some sort of cool scarf/hat for me. I'm tired of freezing at Penn State football games each winter.

I am trying my best to knit from stash this year. We will see how this progresses...

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I Did Not Buy Yarn

I was only at the PA Farm Show briefly on Saturday morning and might go back again this Saturday. I didn't buy yarn and won't be buying any. First, I don't need yarn. Second and probably more key to me not adding to my stash was that I didn't see any yarn I liked. The PA Alpaca Breeders Association has a much smaller selection than last year. I saw only 4 skeins of fingering weight and the rest was worsted weight. It was pretty and I think commercially dyed. And it was expensive with low yardage. There were two other women with yarn. One had hand-dyed with a rough base and not very good dying. The other had all worsted weight and commercially processed and dyed yarns.

But, I did buy this little Yarn Angel. Isn't she sweet and she was only $15. I'm glad I nabbed her as she was the only one with a knitting basket.I now have to decide where to locate her.

Saw the baby pigs who were fighting to get fed by their mom. Oh the squealing could be heard for a long distance. They were so cute -- only 2 1/2 weeks old.
Of course my favorites were the alpacas from A Suri Farm which is owned by my friends Monica and Dennis. The cuties in these photos were born in May, 2010 so are still babies.