Sunday, April 10, 2016

Planning A New Project

I apologize for the silence but sometimes life gets in the way of knitting, blogging and living. Knitting does help...sometimes.

I am more than halfway finished with the "Hitchhiker" shawl I've been knitting using a mini-skein pack from Wonderland Yarns. It is lovely and I will share a photo when complete. Their yarn packs are composted of gorgeous color combinations -- something for everyone. is  time to plan a new and very different project that will take me through part of the summer. I really like the patterns designed by Joji Locatelli...they are interesting, fun and generally can be knit by someone with intermediate skills.

That is my review for her new 4-color cowl
Peeping cowl includes stockinette, a few yarnovers to create a lace effect, stripes, and cables. Don't stop reading, cable are easy. Trust me...I avoided them for many years and once I decided it was time to tackle knitting cables I could not decided why I waited!

Wandering Wool yarn is hand-dyed by a delightful young woman in Maryland. It was the first hand-dyed yarn I ordered when I opened Main Street Yarn (3 years ago tomorrow). It is a staple in the shop and will also remain as part of the inventory. I restocked last week with some favorite colors and a lot of new ones! Stop by and check them out. While there, consider putting together 4 colors and knitting this cowl.

Here are the 4 that I plan to use...