Thursday, September 15, 2011

Camp Loopy Project Three

Camp is over for this year!

Project Three was completed tonight with about two hours to spare...and 10 yards of yarn remaining. This is Boneyard Shawlette in the Mineshaft colorway from Lorna's Laces. Content is 75% alpaca and 25% silk -- absolutely lucious. I am thrilled with the results although my nerves are shot from trying to knit 800 yards of yarn (actually this is about 815 yards) in a month. Most months would be OK...not this past one. Lots of work and other commitments. But I'm done and have completed the  task.  I kept my eye on the prize from The Loopy Ewe...a skein of the coveted Wollmeise yarn.

This is a shawl pattern that doesn't need to be blocked. I actually would like it a tad bigger so might gently block just to stretch it a bit. Jury out on that plan right now.

I promise to blog more frequently since this huge project is done. I have some smaller projects planned so will post in progress photos, etc. Just didn't have time with this shawl. Enjoy...I know I will!