Thursday, May 05, 2011

Summer Projects

I finished the summer shawlette a couple of weeks ago but have been so busy I haven't had time to post. It is a pretty assortment of colors -- raspberry/pink, denim blue, gold, olive. I really like the completed shawlette. The yarn is Ty-Dy and is a worsted weight. It is soft and felt nice on the hands for knitting. I used two skeins and have two leftover -- they will either go on my Ravelry site for sale or I might knit a fall neckwarmer. The more I ponder their fate, I am leaning toward selling them. I could have made the shawlette a bit larger but frankly got tired of the endlessly long rows of stitches. Plus it is more decorative than for warmth...afterall the yarn is cotton. I am shorter and the finished length is perfect for me, I think.

The sock is in an almost complete state right now. This photo too is several weeks old. I got side-tracked on knitting and haven't picked up needles in a week. The sock yarn has a strange feel to it and I will be interested to see what I think when I wear the pair. It is a cotton/nylon blend with some elastic, so unlike other summer socks yarns, this pair should not fall down around my ankles.

Off to Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival this weekend. Will post lots of photos upon my return.