Friday, December 29, 2006

Special Box for My DPNs

It is amazing what some people can do with a piece of wood, a saw and some imagination -- my brother-in-law Bob is one of those people. Oh, how talented he is. On previous Christmases I have received wooden items -- a spice box, a jewelry box and a shelf all designed and created with his own hands. They are all very special.

This year was no exception. He knows I am a sock knitter (as is my sister, Sally) and that I wanted something small, sturdy but lightweight to hold my wooden sock needles so they don't break....I'm not as good with wood as he is. He designed a special sock needle box for my double pointed needles!! It fits nicely into my sock knitting bag, is lightweight but sturdy and holds many, many sets of wooden DPNs. Thank you so much Bob for all of your hard work!!! I love my one-of-a-kind DPN box and will treasure it always.

Look at these photos to see how special this handcrafted box is...from the small hinge to hold the lid on tightly, to the smooth sliding lid, to the thin dividers inside...individual slots for each size needle! A true work of art that was especially designed and created for me! What a treat.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Surprise in the Mail

My friend Libby Beiler who owns Mad About Ewes yarn shop in Lewisburg, PA sent me a present today! A thank you gift for helping her select some new sock yarns to sell in her shop. A few weeks ago I took a selection of my favorites to her shop for her to see, feel and compare. I felt like a "personal shopper" for a yarn shop. Libby has added Claudia Handpaints, Autumn House Farms, and several others to her selection. Very nice choices in colors, too. She was so appreciative she surprised me and sent me a sent of row markers she made. Lovely beads in nice mauves, beiges and there is even a cat's eye. This set fits needles sizes 0 to 5. She is also making them to fit larger needles. Definitely on my shopping list for this weekend's trip to Lewisburg. See them in my photo (very bad photo that does not at all do them justice) but really wanted to say "thanks" to Libby.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Santa Dog!

No knitting for this post...just wanted to share Teddy Bear's photos with the world. I took these this morning in the vet office. He hates the hat! Was so embarrassed that as we walked through the doorway he hung his head very low so no one could see his face ... way to funny.