Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Closing In On The Finish Line

I took these photos a few days ago so even now they are outdated. The two contractors/renovators have done a spectacular job to transform a neglected very outdated space of 3 rooms into a light and bright yarn shop. There is some minimal interior work to be completed. We need signs for the building and parking lot and some cleaning is required to remove remnants of sawdust and dirty boot prints.

Boxes of yarn arrive almost daily. I think the last ones -- except for the backorder -- arrived today. Needles and hooks are here. Project bags are here with some others to arrive in a few weeks. Hand-dyed yarn is being dyed into beautiful colors and will arrive in a few weeks. Fixtures need to be ordered but the delivery is overnight. I have arranged, rearranged and rearranged several more times in my mind's eye. I think I have the design now. Time will tell.

Here are the latest photos:

This is the main room  customers will enter from either the parking lot entrance or through Forefathers Book Shop at the front of the building. Most of the yarn will be in this room.

The built in cupboard (teal door just leaning there for now) will be a great display place and storage spot. The wainscoating is gorgeous since it was resealed. Love my lavender walls! Country cottage look.

And lookie what else! A small fireplace on the lovely hearth that was built to raise it a bit. I can just see all of us sitting there and knitting, crocheting, etc. now. I just can't wait!

This room was a DISASTER but look at it now. It is a small space but will serve several important purposes to customers, myself and those who work in the shop.

Watch for more soon....

Saturday, February 02, 2013

And So It Begins.....Main Street Yarn

Some of you might think...uh-oh...what happened. The title of this post can be interpreted in to way -- positively or negatively. This post is positive VERY POSITIVE.

A long-time dream has been to own a yarn shop. In a month or so that dream will become a reality thanks to my husband. He purchased a former bank building in Rebersburg, PA and gave me the back three rooms and funding to open the shop, purchase merchandise and hire a fabulous person to work there with me and teach classes. No, I'm not leaving my fulltime job so a knowledgable co-worker was a requirement.

Keith is opening Forefathers Used Book Shop in the front section of the building. Those renovatiosn are complete and it looks gorgeous. The shelves are getting fuller and fuller each day.

Renovations began a week ago and the difference is amazing. Oh there is a long way to go but the guys are quick workers. The changes in a week are startling...the place already looks bigger and brighter!

This blog will be connected to the website once it is up and running. I do hope people comment and ask questions. I considered an additional shop blog but had to be realistic with my time limitations. The shop is me and so is  this blog.

I have a beautiful logo but am not unveiling it or giving clues to what yarns or other products will be in the shop. I am still deciding and ordering -- althought boxes are arriving almost daily.

The building has a long history in Rebersburg and has some special touches that are remaining with the integrity of the building. It also had some paneling that was removed.

At left is lovely wooden wainscoting in the middle room. At right is a gorgeous floor-to-ceiling built-in wooden cupboard that is as lovely as it will be useful.

A closeup of the wainscoting.

This paneling was in the middle room. It is gone.

This paneling in the large yarn room was nice -- for anyone who likes paneling -- but it made the room too dark. Light and bright walls and daylight bulbs in the ceiling lights. All to help everyone see the "true" colors of the yarn they are purchasing.

Peeking from the first room into the second room. The walls are gone.

Two days later. Walls are up.

To be continued......