Saturday, October 22, 2011

Cabled Cowl Stalled

The lovely cabled cowl from the last post has been stalled because of a knitting mistake. I can live with the mistake for myself but not for something that was to be a gift. I will finish it for myself later this year after holiday knitting is completed. I like the pattern and wanted one so this will work nicely.

Off to Ravelry I went. I found a free pattern and started it from other yarn. I have 3 to make and complicated cables just were not working at this time. The new one is very different but nice. I think it will work well in the worsted weight yarn. First one is on the needles. This one has to work because I don't have enough spare time for fiddling around changing patterns.

Photos soon. Not enough to show yet.

Friday, October 14, 2011

It's Cowl Time

I have been furiously knitting cowls since the Camp Loopy Challenge ended. The blue and gray one was just completed this week. It is a wrap around (twice around the neck) design and could be pulledover the face a bit as protection from harsh weather. This one is knitting in Lorna's Laces DK and is soft and will be so warm.

The pattern is "Purl Ridge Scarf" by Stephen West who is one of my favorite designers. I was going to knit more this season but this one took what seemed like forever, and I need to get these done.

So, I switched to Rainier Cabled Cowl by Nona Davenport. It is a lovely pattern. I still find cables a bit fiddly, but much easier when using worsted weight yarn instead of fingering weight. I have two more of these to knit. Also have a stealth project under way and can't reveal until after Christmas gift giving with a friend. This is knitting in yarn from Universal Yarn Company. I have really come to like their selection, quality and great price points.

I have a shawl in worsted weight to finish for myself and I might work on it a bit tonight instead of the cowl. Will see what I have time for after dinner. These cool nights and somewhat chilly days make me glad I have hand knitted wool socks to wear.