Saturday, February 23, 2008

Snow Day Fun/Knitting Plan

Brandeis, Stratton and Teddy Bear LOVE the snow. By this point of the season, I have a different opinion. This photo is from yesterday. Stratton has a large stick (you'd think they don't have real toys and Teddy Bear is on the right ready to play tug. Boy where they tired last night. The sky was sunny today so even though it was cold, it made a nice play day for them.

I've had a reality check when it comes to what I have time to knit. Small projects...except for those couple of oblong shawls for which I already purchased yarn. I love entering projects in the Centre County Grange Fair -- which isn't until August -- but I am starting early this year. After analyzing my lack of knitting time, I decided to knit a lace scarf rather than a lace shawl for entry. Same wonderful pattern but in a smaller version. I only have a few rows knitted so will post a photo when there is really progress to show.

Other items I plan to enter are socks OF COURSE! but can't decide whether or not to do a s elf-striping pair in plain stockinette or a one-color pair in fingering weight using a lace pattern. I have the yarn for both and have a lace pattern I really want to knit. Here's the situation: last year I entered a beautiful pair of socks knit in merino hand-dyed purple sport weight yarn using the Feather and Fan pattern. They were perfectly knit with nice kitchener stitch toe. The purple socks took third place. First place was won by someone who knit a pair of slippers in little squares from cheap arcylic yarn and second was won by someone who knit a plain pair of socks in a medium weight yarn.

So, what should I do...the plain self-striping or the lace ones? Looking for some suggestions, please.

I also have a child's hat and an adult hat I want to knit. Simple but nice patterns. Time will tell as to how many items I actually finish.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

My Trip and the Exchange Gift

Keith and I attended a conference in Southern CA and had a grand time. Weather was in the high 50s and low 60s ...not as warm as when we were there two years ago, but a lot warmer than it was in Central PA! Photos are from the Laquinta Resort and Country Club where we stayed. Loved having gorgeous blooming flowers to look at in January.

Can show you knitting photos as the socks are a surprise...well, Dani knows I'm knitting socks but I don't want her to see them before they are done...something has to be a surprise! I should have been done weeks ago but knitting was slowed for two reasons -- first time the sock was too small, second time it was too large but now it is just right (I hope!)...and then I cut my thumb while slicing bagels so it was impossible to knit without pain for over a week.

Am back on track now. The package is to be mailed by the end of this week and I am hoping to meet the deadline. Dani lives in MA and is just so sweet. In an email she said not to hurt my thumb more by knitting too soon, that she isn't going anywhere. Now, isn't that nice? I think so. Thanks Dani!

Back to knitting. Will take a photo before I mail and will post it after I hearing from Dani that she has received the package.