Friday, July 21, 2017

FarmFest Fun July 28 and 29

Next Friday and Saturday, July 28 and 29 I will bring a portion of Main Street Yarn to the annual FarmFest Wool Village. FarmFest is a great event hosted by Pennsylvania Organic and includes speakers, food, vendors, demonstrations, information booths, great music, the barn dance, the Saturday morning fun run, transportation around the grounds via a driver pedaled bicycle (I am trying it this year!), interesting people, and lots more! Please join us at Grange Park in Centre Hall (the site of the annual Grange Fair and Encampment).

Wool Village will include great vendors, spinning and machine knitting demos, and the opportunity to make-and-take a beaded row counter (for free!). My knitting friends will be on-site knitting and chatting (I suspect some shopping will happen!). Don't hesitate to talk to them and the people doing the demos. They are a friendly and enthusiastic group.

What's On My  Needles..

The humidity has hit Central PA this week .. the worst so far this summer. Small projects work best for me this time of year. I am very anxious to get back to my barely started sweater, bit it will need to wait a while.

My current small project is a lovely fun knit designed by Laura Aylor "Summer Camp." It utilizes two colors of fingering weight yarn. Her design used a speckled and solid, which I replicated in my choice of yarn from Zen Garden Yarns. I am nearly the finish line with the goal to have it completed for display at FarmFest. I am not sure I will reach that goal, but the shawl will be there -- finished or still on the needles! I highly recommend this pattern. All garter with easy to remember directions.

Next Project ...
Last evening I was browsing Ravelry and came across this child's sweater with a sheep design ... the hat pattern is going to be ready soon, according to the designer. I think I have to knit it. Main Street Yarn needs another sheep design on display ... yes, it does. Here is a link to the designer's Ravelry store -- there are several other sheep designs...2 for children and a really nice adult sweater.

Isn't it adorable?

Too Many Unfinished Projects ...
Do you have a bunch of unfinished projects or are you methodical and finish one before starting another? I you are the latter, I envy you. I have so many unfinished projects tucked into adorable project bags that I should be ashamed. I'm not! I will finish or frog so the yarn can be used for another design and the needles tucked back into their storage case. 

I always have socks on the needles, so I don't count them as unfinished because they are my go-to project. A good friend just gifted me with a gorgeous skein of yarn from a company whose products I don't sell in my shop. I love all the yarn I have available to customers, but this skein will make an extra special pair of socks. Her thoughtfulness is heartwarming.

This Blog...
I really am going to try to write this blog weekly. I need to get out of the mindset that It has to be long. It doesn't. I just need to say hi to my friends. 
Until Next Time ... Happy Knitting