Wednesday, October 17, 2007

What a Tangled Skein....

I have not done any knitting the past two nights. Oh, there was time (finally!) but instead I spent a total of 5 freakin' hours untangling a skein of Schaeffer Anne fingering weight yarn from my stash. This is the second skein of Schaeffer Anne that has been so tangled. I have one more in my stash and if it is as tangled I swear to never buy the yarn again. Very sad because the colors are gorgeous and the yarn is really nice for the scarves I am knitting.

Dropped Stratton at the vet this morning because I think he has another ear infection. Those darn ears...we have to catch this before it gets worse and creates another ear hematoma. The good news is that the thyroid meds are working -- he is down to 132 pounds -- hasn't been that weight in a long time. My goal for him is 120...will see if that happens. Strattie is doing so well on the thyroid meds ... he was 154 pounds, lethargic and very sad in early May. His reading was .9 with 2.5 being normal. Last reading was 2.1 and we check it again in December.

Hope to cast on the scarf this evening. Of course I am working on other projects but want to start this one in a bit of a lacey scarf pattern. More later....

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

I Fell Off The Yarn Diet Wagon

Was in Lewisburg today on business. Of course I took my lunchtime to stop at Mad About Ewes to pick up yarn I ordered for a baby blanket -- it was ordered pre-diet and I just haven't been to Lewisburg to make the purchase.

During my last trip I bought a pattern for a bulky knit top down those of you who are well-acquainted with me know my adversion to knitting a sweater. I honestly thought I had enough stash yarn but I need 1 more skein. I bought this yarn years ago so there is no getting just 1 more.

Brown Sheep Bulky is a nice yarn and quick knit...perfect for the pattern. So, 4 skeins of Prairie Fire came home with me. Photos will be posted after I begin knitting. Tonight I might even do a gauge swatch. I tried on the model Libby had knit and it fit perfectly. I am so glad I decided to try it because I was going up 1 size...would have been a mistake.

Libby has a lovely shop and really nice yarns. She carried Kraemer Yarns and is the only person I know of in this region who sells that wool. It appears to felt nicely and the colors are nice and rich. There also are "color families" in either 4 or 5 colors...nice for a variety of projects.