Monday, August 14, 2017

Sock Season Is Here!

Cool breezes have turned my thoughts to my favorite item to knit -- SOCKS! I dug through my project bags and located my sock UFOs. Four pair .. .one is now finished and is a lovely combination of Autumn colors. That pair, top left, and two others are fingering weight, while the WIP sock (top right) is a sport weight. This certainly is a colorful bunch of socks.

Why do I like handknit socks ... afterall stores sell socks? Very true. If you haven't worn a pair of handknit socks, you don't know what you are missing. They fit so well, feel amazing, and are very comforting on chilly days.

There are so many options for sock yarns on today's market. I really urge sock knitters to use yarn that has a fiber content of at least 20% nylon -- for strength. You don't want to put time in to knitting them and have those heels and heel flaps  (which take a lot of the stress) wear through after a few wearings.

I have been knitting socks since 2003 so have a lot of pairs that I love. Last winter 3 pairs wore through the heel flaps. Fortunately, I saved my leftover matching sock yarn in preparation. I need to take a half hour and carefully darn them, which will provide new life into the old favorites.

There are many methods of knitting socks. None is the right way and none is the wrong way. My favorite method is using double pointed needles (evidenced in this photo) and knitting cuff to toe. Experiment, find a way you like best. Just try it.

Sock knitting comes with a warning: it is addictive!

Until next time ...Happy Knitting