Saturday, February 27, 2010

Ishbel 1 and Ishbel 2

I love Ysolda's pattern "Ishbel" and have started a second one. NOT because I finished the first, but rather because I cannot knit lace while distracted. We are on vacation at our condo in Pinehurst, NC. The TV cable wasn't working so for 2 days all my husband has done is chat. Now, I'm not complaining because he works away from home so I don't see him often. These few days have been nice but I really want to finish Ishbel. He is golfing right now so as soon as I complete this posting, I'm off to Ishbel-land.

My two Ishbels are very different from each other. The first one is being knitted from gorgeous hand-dyed multi-colored merino I purchased at Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival last May. I am determined to complete the shawlette so I can wear it to MDSW on May 1. I bought the yarn from one of my favorite places -- "Ellen's Half-Pint Yarns" which is located in the main building at MDSW. I want to wear it to show Ellen.
I started the second Ishbel because the first section is stockinette with yo increases so I can manage that even during conversation. I visited "Bella Filati" yarn shop in Southern Pines, NC yesterday and used my gift certificate from my husband. One of the items I bought was a skein of hand-painted fingering weight yarn from Heritage Paints in shades of blue. Holly offered to wind it into a cake for me so I of course said yes. Having it wound was the final push I needed to start Ishbel number 2.

This lace shawlette pattern is fun to knit and an easy lace project. And there are options...I love options! The center stockinette section can be one of two sizes and the number of lace repeats can also be varied. Ishbel 1 uses the smaller stockinette section and the larger number of lace repeats. I think Ishbel 2 will be knitted in the same manner. Not too big but large enough to wear over a suit jacket or a nice sweater for a fun look.

I'm also doing some knitting for the Golden Retriever Rescue sales table. Will save that for the next post.

Going home tomorrow to snowy and cold Central PA. Spring is just around the corner...I am sure of it...

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snow Day Knitting

The lighting is very different for these two photos but it is the same project. Central PA is getting slammed with more snow, high winds, and general nasty weather. My office was closed today....thankfully.
Being home gave me time to catch up on uncompleted household work and get in some knitting time. More of the latter and none of the former to come as soon as I finish this post.
This cowl is the same design as I knit for myself last month -- from the Winter issue of Spin-off magazine. I love it. An very easy to remember simple but lovely 4-row repeat. I am making this one for my good friend, Celeste. Her coat is olive green and I think this mix of colors will be perfect. I got her approval on the colorway before I began the project. She is a redhead so needs to be extra careful about her color choices.

I am using Mountain Colors yarn in the "Tamarack" colorway which is a variagated soft yarn in colors of purple, teal, dark olive, gold, rustish-deep pink, and brown. A lovely combination. I am hoping that with today's knitting and the long Presidents' Day holiday weekend I will be able to complete the project. Time will tell.