Thursday, January 25, 2007

Flowers...What a Surprise!

Brandeis, Stratton, Teddy Bear, Patches and Lily sent me these today...with some help from their Daddy. Are't they gorgeous! In celebration of my new job which begins on Monday. I have worked at home for 6 1/2 years and now it is back to an office and being on the road. I was hired by U. S. Senator Bob Casey as a Regional Field Representative. What an honor to work for such a wonderful person. I will be doing a lot of the same things I did for him during the 10 months I worked in the region on the campaign.

Monday, January 22, 2007

This and That

We returned from Orlando last Thursday. Our luggage finished its vacation on Friday. All was accounted for so I guess I can't complain. Orlando was nice...but we don't do the theme parks. I think they are way too costly at $45 per person per day when we don't go on the rides, get tired of the same food and don't buy Mickey Mouse souvenirs. My husband had a conference there for a few days and the warm weather and some sunshine was a nice change of pace.

Didn't get a lot of knitting done but did finish 1 baby sock. Will post a photo when both are complete. Hope to get some knitting done this evening but a 2-hour phone call this afternoon cut into my plans for housework. I am trying to straighten up some things and will have to utilize some of tonight to do that.

Also want to get back to lace knitting. The photo is of a Fir Cone pattern used in a scarf. The yarn is a yummy Schaeffer Anne that I bought on-line at the Loopy Ewe...she is my favorite on-line shop these days.

Am now signing off and closing down the computer...otherwise I won't have any knitting time. Must learn to budget my time at home better since I will soon be returning to work fulltime.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Do Baby Socks Count?

I am making some baby socks for my new great-niece who was born in November at a whopping 2 pounds 7 ounces. She is now almost 6 pounds and came home from the hospital a few days before Christmas. But, she is still so tiny that she can't keep socks or booties on her feet. I found a cute pattern for some fitted ones so I have started them from leftover sock yarn and also will use a little of some full skeins. Look how little the sock will be (see the photo with the cast on). I do like the yarns I have chosen...can't wait to see what the yellow, white and black Opal knits like for her.

I think if I knit multiple pairs of these it should count at 1 pair of my size socks for my personal monthly sock knitting challenge. Don't you?

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

January Socks

The January socks are done. OK...I admit it they were started in December 2006 but they were FINISHED in January 2007 ... so they count at the first pair for the new year. What a way to begin sock knitting for the new year by someone who insists on matching socks. My first pair of fraternal twins. However, I really like them. Nice sturdy fabric from a heavier weight Opal knitted on size 3 needles. Goes quickly that way.

Next pair is on size 3 and is Trekking XXL...I think OR will it be the Claudia Handpaints from that wonderful yarn shop Knitting Sisters in Williamsburg, VA? heading to FL this weekend for 6 days and the colors of the Claudia remind me of flowers and warmer temps. Maybe I will get off my duff, get out the winder and swift and wind those 2 skeins. Stay tuned...

Sunday, January 07, 2007

New Year's Resolution

Happy New Year! OK...I know it is January 7th but with my travels to Harrisburg and to Washington, D.C. this is the first chance I have had to post.

I rarely make resolutions (because I rarely keep them) but I am resolving to knit one pair of socks a month (at least) in 2007. I have so much stash sock yarn it is ridiculous and I am vowing to knit some of I need nice socks. Tonight I am almost finished with my first pair .... oh, alright I started them in mid-December but I am counting them as my January socks. They are a nice pair of self-striping "ragg wool" looking socks made from Opal. And, they are my very first fraternal twins. I am adament about matching socks, but these were knitting from 1 large skein and the repeat was so far into the skein that identical socks were not possible. So, they are really pretty. Will post the photo in the next chapter...have to kitchner the toe.

Also am trying to knit from stash but AM NOT making the current popular pledge to only knit from stash. I'm not crazy enough to think I won't be buying sock yarn from the Loopy Ewe or from Mad About Ewes. Their selections are too nice to pass up.

I can't wait to get to the PO tomorrow. A box from the Loopy Ewe arrived while I was away. I forget what I ordered but I think some of it is for a shawl. Not that I have finished the shawls or scarf (lace patterns) that I am working on. I think I will take one with me to FL this weekend and work on it. Also will only take along one pair of socks to knit. Maybe I will get something finished! Hold that thought, now will ya....

Weather is supposed to get cooler this week so maybe I can even wear a sweater and my new down coat. Guess that makes my decision...I will take along the lace scarf (from sock yarn) that I am knitting to go with the coat.

See that photo at the beginning of this entry? It is the Victorian Lace Today book that was a Christmas gift from my husband. The photos are beautiful, the patterns wonderful and it is just a delightful book to have in my knitting "library."