Monday, April 13, 2009

Pi Shawl

The end of my last post referred to "the big project." Well, here it is...started at least...a Pi Shawl as designed by the knitting wonder Elizabeth Zimmerman. I am loving this shawl...colorful in Noro sock yarn which changes every few rows -- I think I counted 13 colors before the repeat which is now just beginning. I will post photos as this project continues.
I am planning on the knitted garter stitch edging. I think the garter will be a lovely contrast to the stockinette stiches. Also, once it is is done. No casting off. Elizabeth Zimmerman says that shawls should always be knitted off, not cast off.

The Pi Shawl is so easy. Knitting in the round with the theory of every time you double the number of stitches you are knitting by using yarnovers, you double the number of rows you knit...translation: 18 stitches, 6 rows; 36 stitches, 12 rows; 72 stitches, 24 rows, and on and on. Very easy. That is the way Elizabeth wrote the pattern, and being a traditionalist I am doing it as written. There are many lovely Pi Shawls on Ravelry and blogs. Most are very different from each other....which is fine. I bet Elizabeth would love how people are adapting her pattern.
One summer sock is done so tonight I will cast on the other.

Sunday, April 05, 2009

2 New Socks....and a Scarf, too

I like small knitting projects because they can be finished somewhat quickly. I rarely knit a larger for my next post later this week because its content will counter that statement!

Back to today. I am knitting two pair of socks -- both with yarn I purchased at Mad About Ewes yarn shop in Lewisburg, PA. Libby has great taste in yarn, I think, and is one of the nicest people I have ever met. We have gotten to be good friends and I love the time I get to spend visiting her and Wyatt, her VERY adorable Sheltie, who accompanies Libby to work almost every day.

The first is a pair of summer socks from Classic Elite's new yarn "Summer Sox" which is a wonderful blend of 40% merino/40% cotton/20% nylon. I think that combination will give a nice amount of memory...contrary to other cotton sock yarns on the market. And, this is washable and dryable. Also a plus. Libby has eight lovely self-striping colors in this yarn. Stop by and get some.

Second is a lovely merino/tencel blend and right now I cannot remember who makes it or the colorway...something with Roses in it...of course Libby emailed me the info but do you think I can locate the correct email. NOT! I will fill ya all in soon. She also has quite a few colorways in this yarn and it runs out the door quickly, so don't miss out.

The mindless knitting project -- I always need one of those ... don't you? -- is a triangular scarf being knitting from Schaeffer Anne yarn in the lovely colorway "Crocus." This is great car knitting. Total garter stitch, no row or stitch counting. All I need to remember are the yarnovers and each end of the row that starts with a row marker. Now how tough is that? A friend asked me how big the scarf will be. Answer: I am knitting until the skein is finished, so however big 560 yards of Schaeffer Anne allow. No reason to stop and possible waste this wonderful wool/mohair combination. Oh this yarn was purchased online from The Loopy Ewe.

More on the big project later this week. I promise.