Thursday, December 15, 2011

There is a plan in the works....

I am following the lead of another blogger whose knitting, writing and talent I admire. Pink Lemon Twist pulls stash yarn for 12 projects to complete each year. This was her first and now she is planning for 2012. Her knitted items are gorgeous and her blog is fun to read. Tune in at

However, I have so many UFOs, that instead of starting something NEW each month in 2012, I'm going to turn a UFO into an FO. I came home from work with the full intention of finding 12 skeins of yarn -- that part wasn't difficult -- and lining them up for 12 new projects. When I looked at my UFO pile I decided I needed to start completing items. I will knit new items too but it will feel so good to pull one out of the UFO drawer each month and finish it. Some months maybe I will do several and get this project completed before the end of 2021. My rules!

Some only need a part of a sock finished and I will have a pair, one shawlette is barely started and I want to finish it to wear to Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival in May (you know if I do the temps will hit 100 that day!), one is a cabled buttoned cowl,  there is another cowl, more socks, etc. Just look at the photos. I am putting them in order of the months I have chosen to knit them.

Oh no, they won't be all I knit because some won't take long to finish. I will do other things in-between. This is a good way to line up what needs to be completed, and do it in a timely manner. Knitting should be fun and I think this is a fun plan! Thank you Pink Lemon Twist for giving me the inspiration.