Thursday, March 31, 2011

Something For Me

Aren't these colors yummy? Raspeberry, denim blue, sage green, and gold. Wow! Late last summer I purchased a number of skeins of Ty-Dy cotton yarn for a shawlette Boneyard Shawl by a young designer Stephen West. I started it on size 8 needles, got distracted and then Fall arrived and it was time for knitting with lucious woolen yarns.

I have to admit...I DO NOT like cotten yarns for knitting. Interesting because those 3 hats I just knit are all from cotton yarns and so is this shawlette. I am loving this project because the yarn has a wonderful feel on the hands and knits up nicely. Of course, I don't think a knitter can miss when using a design by Stephen. He is so talented.

I have quite a ways to go and of course get distracted by new patterns. I will finish this in due time. Watch for progress.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Coco's Beret

Beret is finished. Yarn is loosely woven so I think this hat will stretch. My great-niece Coco might not be able to wear it until next Spring. But I think it is very cute.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Aren't These Cute?

Last night I finished the baby hats for Annie and Lily. Can't wait to send them to the 6-month-old twins in NJ this week.
Yarn is from Knit Picks and is called "Comfy Worsted." Machine wash/tumble dry...perfect for a busy working mom.

The tops on both is in the Honey Dew colorway. The main part of the rosey one is Peony and the main part of the yellow one is Creme Brulee. Their mommy dresses the girls in similar clothing but not identical colors, hence similar hats in different colors. Hope their mom and dad like the hats!

The beauty of rolled brim is that is they are a bit too long just roll them up a bit and wa-la, they fit.
NEXT: A beret for my great-niece.