Sunday, October 21, 2012

DPNs secured...finally

After years of adding loose DPNs to the basket, I decided it was time to organize them to see what I have. Well, I discovered I have a lot -- especially 5's, 6's and 8's. But they come in handy for hats which I knit a lot of these days. I was wasting time searching through needles to find a matching group, so I purchased a canvas case which as you can see is nicely divided and marked by sizes. There are three rows of pockets allowing for safe storage of various lengths of needles.

I have looked for a workable solution for several years but knew I needed something large. I found it. I prefer shopping from local vendors but after exhausting all possibilities I caved and purchased on-line.

All tucked in for future use

Rolled and tied for secure storage

Saturday, October 13, 2012

They Look Better in Person

Tonight I finally finished these cabled fingerless mitts in some Noro I had in the stash. When I say finally...I truly mean finally. I started them last Autumn, tucked them away to knit Christmas gifts and just found them last week. There wasn't much knitting needed to finish the second mitt.

This isn't a good photo...taken with a camera on my iPhone in bad lighting. I really don't like these mitts. It isn't the mitts but the Noro. I am NOT a fan of Noro yarn...very scratchy and it changes from thick to think on the skein. Yuck!

But they are done and will be kept in the car in case of an emergency. The colors are prettier than the photo shows...two shades of teal, a light rose, a deep rose and grey. This photo makes them look like they are not the same length. They are. It also distorts their cable and other stitches. They are fine. I think I will soak them tomorrow in Eucalan and water and see if that will revive them a bit.

They truly do look better in person.