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Friday, August 16, 2013

Busy, busy, busy

The days are flying so quickly that I cannot seem to get everything accomplished. I am very happy to say that my evening hours are generally filled with knitting projects -- some for models at Main Street Yarn and the others as Christmas gifts.

My husband returned home from a trip last night and walked into the living room that is filling with boxes of yarns for fall and winter. I am very pleased with the new lines that will be making their way into the shop right after Labor Day. Remember, if I have a yarn that interests you and the color you want isn't on the shelf, please ask. I can order it.

I am so enjoying knitting with Wandering Wool. I have restocked and added new colors to the fingering weight and in a month or so will be ordering worsted weight. The yarn bases are extraordinary and her color saturation is among the best I have ever seen. Rich, deep colors. Oh, but do they bleed when on the needles or being soaked prior to blocking? Not at all. I have knit with numerous skeins and earlier this week finished a shawl in a gradient blend, soaked it and blocked it. Not a bit of color in the water, either. Oh and this yarn blocks beautifully.

Heads up: Below is a photo of the shawl in a gradient. It was blocking at the time...obviously. Dyeing gradient colorways is a very time-consuming (translation time costly) process and at this point gradients are not available to yarn shops. You can get them from her Etsy shop. I will be getting solid color worsted weights. I will display this shawl/large scarf in the shop so people can ooohhhh and aaaahhh over the softness of the yarn and the color saturation.

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