Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A Lesson Learned...and Some Unique (to me) Yarn

Keith and I had a great weekend at the LPGA in Sylvania, Ohio...near Toledo. The heat and humidity were intense so I opted to stay at the hotel on Friday. I almost melted on Thursday. Of course I had some great knitting hours. I started a pair of cabled fingerless mitts for a birthday gift for a friend. I completed about 2/3 of the first one on Friday.

Saturday I took my knitting to the golf course. I always take my knitting (used to be counted cross stitch) to the golf course. I was knitting on the mitt making the approach to the gusset increases when two guys plopped their chairs next to mine. They said hello. I responded. One had too many beers for any time of day, but considering it was before noon and his condition he must have started drinking the night before. He scowled at me so I ignored him. He then rudely said, "why are you doing such a ridiculous thing at a golf tournament." I said to pass the time and I went back to knitting.

They were quiet for a few minutes. I leaned down to the left to pick up my bottled water and I thought my knitting fell off my lap...that has been known to happen. When I straightened up I discovered the drunk had my knitting, had pulled out the double pointed needles and unraveled a good part of the project. I was furious but since there really weren't others around knew I needed to keep my cool.

I stood up and asked why he did that. Answer: So now you will have to watch the golf tournament. His buddy saw the look on my face and said he thought they better get out of there. I told him that was the smarted comment I had heard in the last few minutes. They left and I reported them to an LPGA official. But they were nondescript  so could not easily be found in a crowd.

The mitt is at the thumb gusset stage and will be finished by tomorrow. Then on to the second one. Knitting in Public can be hazardous to your progress.

On a happier note, today I was on the road working and saw a Farmer's Market with a sign "fresh lemonade." Wow I needed one. I pulled in, got my beverage and glanced around. Lo and Behold I came across this....

...worsted weight Llama yarn. It is so soft and the cream is gorgeous as is the medium grey. Now off to consider patterns. Happy Knitting....

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