Sunday, September 22, 2013

Finally....a vest pattern

Those of you who knit with me or hear me talk about knitting may have heard (probably too often!) that I really want to knit a vest. (Insert whining...years worth of whining...)

But it has to be the right pattern -- simple, button up the front, worsted weight, and can be worn with some professional attire as well as casual clothing. Some of you are shaking your heads thinking, well that is a lot to ask of one pattern. I totally agree. However, I FOUND IT!! Yesterday I was leafing through the new Downton Abbey magazine. There is was "Chilly Morning Cosycoat." Woo-Hoo! I let out a cheer..

I'm was so excited that I actually knit a gauge swatch. Roberta probably just sank into a chair when reading that sentence. She knows my dislike for gauge swatches. But, I'm glad I did. I am between the small and medium sizes. According to the pattern directions, the small would "just" fit while the medium would be several inches too big around. However, my gauge shows that I should be knitting the small for the best fit. Edited to add that I went down a needle size to a 7 and got gauge. The yarn calls for a 7 and the pattern an 8.

So, I will. And if it doesn't fit me...well, I will have learned an important knitting lesson and it will make a great shop model!

Isn't is lovely? I think so. A simple Garter stitch with bands of Double Moss Stitch. Just enough to keep it interesting and make the project reach completion.

Vintage worsted weight yarn from Berroco. It is a deeper teal than this photo shows. I can't seem to get the right lighting to show it off.

The cover of the Fall/Winter "Unofficial Downton Abbey Knits." Get your copy today. The season begins in January, so get your knitting done now. Wear your Downton garments while you watch the new shows in 2014. There are gorgeous handknit garments for ladies and men.

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Rob Knits said...

Yay! Good for you -- a vest and a swatch!! I love knitting swatches -- funny since I never did in the past. But now I like it because I get to play with yarn even before I am ready to cast on for a project. And if you just need a bit more space at strategic points on the vest, you can always increase a few stitches at the sides -- especially if you know your gauge! I will find the relevant page in Amy Herzog's Knit to Fit where she talks about doing just that.