Monday, June 30, 2014

Not Much Knitting

Good morning -- Last week just flew and knitting progress was minimal. The shawl is almost done with 1 1/2 repeats to complete, then bind-off and blocking. I am determined to have it done by mid-week. Seriously.

It is being knit from Kenzie (see post from two weeks ago) and I love it. I am now contemplating socks from Kenzie. The popularity of this yarn is growing steadily. I will be reordering colors already in stock and adding a few to boost the array of 10 colors already in stock.

The hat has not had even one more row added to the needles. The pattern is one where I need quiet and there wasn't much of that in my life last week. I'm also working on a knitting bowl/pot from 100% cotton yarn from Cleo. My plan is to use that as a "Thrifty Thursday" post on Facebook...I'd better get moving on it!

In shop news: a 26-pound box of yarn for fall is due to be delivered today. It is a new yarn for Main Street Yarn and I'm quite excited about adding it. Fingering weight yarn from the Folk Art Collection of AncientArtsFibre is to be delivered late this week or very early next week. This color collection is amazing. Watch for photos here.

I was looking online at blogs from people who are well-known in knitting circles. One of those is Sally Mellville. Here is a well-written posting from last year. As a yarn shop owner I think it hits the mark...I also really like the comments. If you have time, take a few minutes to read it.

Please let met know what you think...

See you next Monday...

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