Sunday, February 07, 2016

The Mini-Skein Craze

Knitting projects can range in size from a small simple cowl to a large sweater or shawl. Honestly, I don't knit a lot of larger projects because I get bored and often don't finish them. That is shallow on my part but it's just the truth.

However, since I opened Main Street Yarn I have discovered the fabulous mini-skein sets that range from gradients of one color to each skein being a different color, although workable with the others. Mini-skein sets can be scary. Seriously...but they are really mind-stimulating and will get your creative juices flowing.

This section of Main Street Yarn is devoted to mini-skein sets. When the box of yarn arrives tomorrow from Frabjous Fibers & Wonderland Yarn in Brattleboro, VT the new "Pack of the Month" will be added. The teaser photo posted on their Facebook page is amazing. I love it so much I ordered one for myself!

Mini-skein sets combine nicely with a full skein of yarn to make larger projects, add depth to a project or just make it something special that you like. Mini-skein sets from Frabjous Fibers are available in fingering, sport and worsted weights.

Look at patterns on and let your imagination go wild. Here are a few that work great with a pack of mini skeins: Mad mini-wrap, Zeccola cowl, Kalari, Tessie, Brush Creek Cowl, Brush Creek Shawl, Deepend, Antarkis, Hitchhiker and Just Yarning Around.

Have questions? Want to show off a finished project? I can't wait to hear from you.

Next blog posting: What to do with Unfinished Projects (referred to as UFOs)

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